love hurts if you're loving right

Katrina and Stacie on the surface are normal 17 year old girls. But underneath they're girls with secret pasts and violence. When they meet 1D how will their past affect their love lives.... if they live at all?


5. summer is here

June 10 11:35

Niall POV 

The plain comes at 12 where are the girls. Maybe they forgot. No maybe they didn't want to travel miles away from home with five strange boys, that had to be it. I had almost listed ninety reasons Katrina and Stacie wouldn't come when Stacie ran up to Harry luggage rolling behind her. 

"Whats the rush love?" Harry asked. "And where is your friend? Monster i think you called her."

"She is *pant* right over their *pant* fighting with Rio about *pant* if she can go or not" I followed the direction of Stacie's pointed finger. Sure enough there was Katrina and a man talking  and you could tell they were both irritated at each other. Louis pull me closer to them.

"-not stupid. do you think if yo don't keep me on a leash i will go off and get knocked up."

"That is exactly what i think Kay."

"Don't worry i'll call you and make sure to keep up with my phone. If anyone asks i know not to tell them my name, plus you taught e how to fight so i'll be ok." Katrina hugged Rio and gave him a kiss on the cheek (lucky) then walked over to me and Louis.

She smiled and gave us both a kiss on the cheeks. Louis waved his finger in front of her, "Now, now can't have that going on in front of Eleanor. I know i'm hot but control yourself." That started Katrina in a fit of laughter. How can Louis talk to girls so easily? Why am i so jealous that she is laughing at Louis's jokes?

Zayn had his arms around Perrie's waist while Perrie chatted with Eleanor and Stacie. Katrina walked over to Stacie and shyly joined into the conversation. i can barely believe they came. The rest of the boys gathered around the girls. When me and Louis got over to them Louis went over and gave Eleanor a kiss on the cheeks.

"Flight 132 is landing ahead of schedule all passengers report to your seats."

" you guys came just in time lets head out." We headed to the plane and once we got on i made sure to sit next to Katrina. 

"Flight 132 is taking flight please buckle up. We will be sending flight attendants to check and make sure everyone is safe."

I buckled my seat and looked at Katrina, she looked kinda confused, "Katrina you need some help." I reached for her buckle she didn't resist my help. I tried to seem uninterested in her beautiful coco skin or her slick black hair falling in her eyes. She didn't really look me in the eyes while I buckled her.

" I never flown on a plane before and Niall have you ever called me Kay i like is better than Katrina."I could hear my heart beating in my chest. 

"Yeah sure, Katr-Kay." She smiled.

"I was right it sounds ten times sweeter when you say it." I knew it. I could feel myself blushing. "Niall can i sleep on your shoulder we kinda had to run to get here in time my brother was totally against me coming." I didn't have anything to say so i just nodded and she fell asleep. This was going to be the best flight of my life.

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