love hurts if you're loving right

Katrina and Stacie on the surface are normal 17 year old girls. But underneath they're girls with secret pasts and violence. When they meet 1D how will their past affect their love lives.... if they live at all?


9. second first date

Katrina POV

I still can't believe I'm on a date with the Niall Horan. Me, miss 'queen of the rejects' is holding Niall's hand. The fan girl in me is about to faint. That's when he pulls me around and kisses me on the cheek.

"I'm sorry love I got just a bit jealous of Harry and Louis  putting their arms around my girl." His girl. "If i new they were going to come along i would never told them I got you to leave the house. At least Liam and Zayn didn't tag along too. Anyway what do you want to do? "

"How about we go to a restaurant. I mean poor thing you haven't eaten since breakfast." We both laughed at my joke, and Niall put his arm around my neck.

"You're perfect you even know what I'm thinking." We walked down to a Chinese buffet and ate then we walked around for a bit. The only thing wrong was to hid from crazy fans he had his shades on and a hoody on, keeping me from looking into his eyes or running my fingers through his hair. Compared to my normal problems my I'm in heaven.

Red fang POV

"Is that my angel over their laughing with some punk."

Angela was right their with some hoody wearing soon to be dead meat. I walked up to her and grabbed her arm. She turns to look me in the eyes.

"Drake what are you doing here." She said, and if I weren't mad at her I would have pulled her in for a kiss.

"That any way to treat your man? I even came after you when you go on this stupid trip to here. But I guess I'm interrupting your little date aren't I?"

At that hoody decides to step in. "Actually you are. And I'd prefer it if you took your and off my girl." Who is this punk calling his girl.

"Angela get out of the way." I tossed her to the right and hoody looked like he was ready for a fight.

"You sure you don't have the wrong girl because her name is Katrina." I give her a glance.

"you didn't plan on staying long did ya." I said to her. "Didn't even tell the poor sap your real name." At that that hoody wearing guy looked the slight bit phased.

"Don't talk to me like that," Angela said as she stepped between us. "You know for a fact I hate you and coming and ruining my dates will only make me hate you more." She grabbed hoody's arm and ran down the sidewalk. Away from me. Whoever that punk was I'm getting my girl from back.



Author's note

So if your confused Red Fang is Drake and Drake thinks Katrina is Angela I'm I'll explain more in the next chapter.

Oh and if of your reading this thanks its ,y first fanfic. 

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