love hurts if you're loving right

Katrina and Stacie on the surface are normal 17 year old girls. But underneath they're girls with secret pasts and violence. When they meet 1D how will their past affect their love lives.... if they live at all?


2. did not expect that


Katrina POV 

I looked in the mirror at my blue T-shirt that said " 1D I'm not a stalker I just follow your every and dream of you every night". The blue of my shirt looked good against my chocolate colored skin. I wore my favorite jeans and my fuzzy black boots. I fixed my hair in a bun that left a little hair to cover my left eye and headed out.

Stace's mom come to pick me up. Stace opened the backseat door and we chatted giggled and played music ranging from BACKSEAT GOODBYE to BREAKING BENJAMIN and ending with THE HAPPY SONG. We were still talking when we got to the concert building

. We ran to the doors acting like idiots when Mandy walked by. " What are you two weirdios doing here." She sneered.

" We're trying to have a decent day but that plans ruined" Stace countered. We turned around but were cut off by three more cool girls. " Ladies let us through we would hate for you to break your fake nails." Kay said calmly.

" If they don't get out of my way I'm going to break more than your fake nails." I added aending Mandy a glare. Mandy flipped her fake blond hair and opened her mouth to say something when three men wearing security hats came out and stepped between me and Mandy.

One of them grabbed my shoulder and the other grabbed Stace. We looked at each other the WTF looks.We tries to give them our harmless girl look but their hates were tilted at an angle we couldn't look them in the eyes or even see their faces, "We heard those threats young ladies. Come with us" said the third officer. As they guided Stace and I away I saw that huge smile on those poser faces.

The trio of officers took us in the employees only entery. We walked down the corridor took a few turns and the officers busted out laughing. I looked at Stace she was a spooked as me. We just happen to be alone with three men we don't know and if we ran we get lost and they would only caught us again. One of the officers must have noticed or discomfort because he stopped laughing and took of his hat and did something my school crew of directioners called the 'epic hair flip. THE HAIR FLIP ONLY HARRY CAN PULL OFF!!!!!! 

"Sorry ladies we didn't mean to scare you," said the one and only Harry style Off came the other hats and we saw Louis and Liam along side Harry. Stace freaked. " You are... you... here.. omg... aaaaahhhhhh." They were trying to hold in their laughs until Stace fainted.

I caught her before she hit the ground. " What do we do? We're so sorry. We were just trying to stop the fight and complement you back talking skill." Liam said and now that the hat was gone you could see the concern in all three of their eyes.

" No problem she fainted last Tuesday when we oovooed Naill. She fainted around the time he said hello, she was so sad" slowly the relaxed and began to awkwardly smile. " No offence to Stace but could you help me I'm kinda weak."

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