love hurts if you're loving right

Katrina and Stacie on the surface are normal 17 year old girls. But underneath they're girls with secret pasts and violence. When they meet 1D how will their past affect their love lives.... if they live at all?


10. black white and gray

Niall POV 

Do I really know nothing about Kay I mean I know I wouldn't be an expert on her I would settle for just knowing her name.

We had been walking silently since we saw that Drake guy and it was getting on my last nerves. I pulled her over into an abandoned alley way.

"Who was that guy and why did he call you Angela." She turned her head to look at the ground. "Kay or however you are please answer me." I hated being tough with her she just means so much to me and I might not even know here name. 

"That was the Red Dragon his real name is Drake and he is the next in line to be boss of a national H.I.C. That means Heroic Outlawed Corporation. They are like a bounty company they find the bad guys and they get paid." Good know I know this guy is like a freaking superhero. 

"Still don't see why he called you Angela." The more she talked the close she got to tears. She sat down on the ground. She pulled out her phone and started texting. I took her phone before she finished and squat down in front of her. "Tell me not txt me." I said as gently as I could manage. 

She took a deep breath, "Your going to hate me I won't tell." I'm going to hate here, definitely not a good sign.

"If you don't tell me I won't be able to trust or love you, and I really want to do both." She looked up at me and I took off my shades. She was crying.

"I'm the daughter of the elite of the 'Red Queen'. That means if I show signs of being an elite bounty hunter, only they say HOC agents, that I would be on the marry list. I don't like him and I would have failed that teat if I knew there would be a possibility of me marrying him. Only they didn't tell me that until after the test and I made a freaking 100." I stared at her the girl that stood outside my door crying because I accidently turned her down or the girl who fell asleep on my shoulder and the girl who called me a smexy beast three seconds after meeting me, how could she be some secret police woman and I didn't notice. "Please don't hate me I promise I've been turning him down on his marriage proposal every chance I get."

"I'm shocked but I don't hate you. Just one more question is this why you didn't want to hang with us?" She nodded whipping away tears. So cute. " I lied this is my last question do you have any special weapon?" She hooded again and reached into her boot and pulled out a gun that had 'Angela the red.' So cool even better than the perfect date.

" that's my code name but 5 years ago Rio told him Angela was my real name so he couldn't stalk me pike he's doing right know. Niall dose this mean i'm still in the running to be your girl."

"Babe you were the only one on my list of girls to fall on love in love with since I first saw you." She smiled and leaned up and it surprised me with a kiss on the lips. I threw my hand around here and lifted her into a standing position. Kissing her deeper.

"Now I see why you ditched  us earlier mate." Rang Louis voice from the alley way entrance. I pulled back and gave Louis and Harry a glare.

"Louis those two were finally getting some where and you interrupted. My God if they keep this up I'll never get to be an Auntie to Kay's cute kids." Stace said with a hand to her head.

"Don't say unnecessary things woman," yelled Kay she walked over to Stave.

"We should go home and try to wake Zayn up again he is going to be pissed we didn't take him worth us because you finally taggwith us." Harry said already putting his arm around Kay's waste. Some thing don't change and one of those things is Harry's attitude around girls.

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