niall horan love story: one direction meet and greet to close


One day my friend and I were on our way too the one direction concert we have been waiting to see! So we were in the car jamming to one direction of course and we were just really excited to be going. So as I was looking out the window listening to niall’s part of more than this, I just couldn’t keep my mind off of that Irish hottie! I have wanted to meet him so bad! He just seems like a wonderful guy! Then I ended up falling asleep while waiting to get to the concert and I was having dreams of hanging out will all of the boys , then I woke up to my friend kandice trying to sing rock me. So then I woke up and my mom said “well it’s about time you woke up and we are almost there!” Kandice and I squealed really loud we were so excited to be going! Then I said wow I cannot wait to see niall and kandice said well I can’t wait to see harry!


5. what was going on ?

I woke up in my room ?!?!?!?!? what was going on I saw kandice sleeping on my floor I woke her up and said what happened why are we here ?? she gave me a very confused look and said well we are having a sleepover at your house ? what ? I said we were in nialls dressing room waiting for them to get back from the meet and greet why did mom take us home ?!?!? what are you talking about kandice replied ?? all we did last night was go to nandos and watched one direction videos on youtube ? dont you remember ! we are going to the concert tonight at seven thirty ! ohh well thats great but all my fake memories now I feel horrible because imet niall and you met harry and I was freaking out while explaining my dream to Kandice wow that sounds great I hope that happens tonight kandice said yea I wish but I bet it wont I sadly thought we then got dressed and ready to go when we were looking through some magizenes and I saw a win it page that had a one direction article where you could win a day with one direction so I filled it out but the chances for me to win hahah nope not gonna happen kandice said why do you always think negitivly ? I dont know it just wont happen dont you agree? No it could possibly happen ?! ok then i mumbled back

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