niall horan love story: one direction meet and greet to close


One day my friend and I were on our way too the one direction concert we have been waiting to see! So we were in the car jamming to one direction of course and we were just really excited to be going. So as I was looking out the window listening to niall’s part of more than this, I just couldn’t keep my mind off of that Irish hottie! I have wanted to meet him so bad! He just seems like a wonderful guy! Then I ended up falling asleep while waiting to get to the concert and I was having dreams of hanging out will all of the boys , then I woke up to my friend kandice trying to sing rock me. So then I woke up and my mom said “well it’s about time you woke up and we are almost there!” Kandice and I squealed really loud we were so excited to be going! Then I said wow I cannot wait to see niall and kandice said well I can’t wait to see harry!


4. what in the world just happened???

We waited in the lounge in the dressing room and I read what niall wrote to me kandice was jelous because harry didnt write her anything special so she was over my shoulder trying to read and this is what he wrote : dear megan I know we just met but I really like you I think I may be in love you are the most beautiful girl in the world and you have a great personality and thanks for trying to bring us nandos I loved that but sorry about the body guard hahah but I wanna hang out more so we can get closer ;) love you niall  aww what niall wrote me was so cute and I think I love him too but yea we need to hand out and he even gave me his number at the bottem im so excited I hope we become a couple kandice gave me this evil look but at the same time she was still happy that we will get to see niall and harry in ten minutes  it was getting kinda late so I fell asleep in nialls dressing room hoping he would come in soon I kept thinking about him it was just so hard to get him off of my mind !  then I woke up…….and

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