niall horan love story: one direction meet and greet to close


One day my friend and I were on our way too the one direction concert we have been waiting to see! So we were in the car jamming to one direction of course and we were just really excited to be going. So as I was looking out the window listening to niall’s part of more than this, I just couldn’t keep my mind off of that Irish hottie! I have wanted to meet him so bad! He just seems like a wonderful guy! Then I ended up falling asleep while waiting to get to the concert and I was having dreams of hanging out will all of the boys , then I woke up to my friend kandice trying to sing rock me. So then I woke up and my mom said “well it’s about time you woke up and we are almost there!” Kandice and I squealed really loud we were so excited to be going! Then I said wow I cannot wait to see niall and kandice said well I can’t wait to see harry!


2. the concert begins

We finally get to our seats and mom was asking a bunch of questions so I told her what happened she was surprised that they didnt call security on us because we were backstage in their dressing rooms so then the show finally startd they rose from the floor and then it got loud all of the screaming fans went psyco they were jumping around they just went totally crazy I was excited because of what just happened and now they are about to sing they stared talking and hearing their accents was amazing then they went original and sang what makes you beautiful and niall and harry pointed at me and kandice we snapped a quick pic of them cause that was amazing then they sang more than this which is my favorite song !  kandice and I swore that they kept looking at us then niall would do his signature jumps while Louis is patting the dog and screwing in the light bulb the singing was great they also sang live while were young . still the one, and taken ,the concert was perfect ! that made my night I just hope that me and kandice will be able to talk to the boys after the concert ,

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