niall horan love story: one direction meet and greet to close


One day my friend and I were on our way too the one direction concert we have been waiting to see! So we were in the car jamming to one direction of course and we were just really excited to be going. So as I was looking out the window listening to niall’s part of more than this, I just couldn’t keep my mind off of that Irish hottie! I have wanted to meet him so bad! He just seems like a wonderful guy! Then I ended up falling asleep while waiting to get to the concert and I was having dreams of hanging out will all of the boys , then I woke up to my friend kandice trying to sing rock me. So then I woke up and my mom said “well it’s about time you woke up and we are almost there!” Kandice and I squealed really loud we were so excited to be going! Then I said wow I cannot wait to see niall and kandice said well I can’t wait to see harry!


3. Surprise

when the concert was over kandice and I really wanted to meet back up with the boys but we were pretty hungry and the meet and greet wasnt until nine oclock and it was eight so we got in the car and drove around to find a restaurant and we thought we could stop an nandos then pick us and the boys food so they would be happy it was just something for how they treated us earlier so we stopped in nandos ordered then left the food was so good while we were in the car driving back to the meet and greet we were talking about how the awesome the concert was and meeting he boys because we were still hyped up and overwhelmed about it was just the best night ever and still more to come! So when we pulled into the meet and greet which was at the same place as the concert kandice and I went into the boys dressing room area and into the lounge looking for them but we couldnt find then them we heard a door open and I turned around to see a big figure standing at the door then kandice and I stared freaking out it was the big strong body guard we were terrified of what would happen so we just froze there holding the food and he said who are you girls and what are you doing here you are crazed fans arent you ! I mumbled shyly to him well we are fans but we were here with the boys earlier and we just came to bring them some food cause we just stopped at nandos its only a favor for them since they were so kind to us I dont believe you I think you are crazed fans and you are trying to do something to the boys , no I promise we arent ask any of them we were here with them earlier and we were going to go to the meet and greet to be with them after we dropped off the food . 8boom8 ugh! Why did you do that? Why would you throw the food every where?!?!?! Then niall came rushing in is everything okay he asked? Niall I yelled what is he doing? oh him sorry if he did anything he is just trying to protect us so we dont get hurt by some crazy fans and whats that smell do you have nandos niall said as his eyes widened and he licked his lips well yea we did but he threw it across the room kandice and I brought food for you and the boys because we thought it would be nice for what you did for us ohh wow thats nice thank you though even know its on the floor now! Niall kissed them both and said okay lets go out to the meet and greet tables and can you grab those sharpies please? I grabbed the sharpies and kandice and I followed niall out the door then niall asked so what did you girls think of the concert? oh it was fantastic there are like no words how to describe how awesome it was kandice and I agreed then when we got out there we said see you soon to niall and went to find mom and then we got in line for the meet and greet we bought their cds and t shirts to have signed we were in line for about ten minutes until we got to the boys and they said oh hey loves I remember you all laughing as they signed the stuff niall was taking forever he wrote a note and we didnt want to hold up the line so we walked away as we told them we will meet in the dressing room lounge

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