niall horan love story: one direction meet and greet to close


One day my friend and I were on our way too the one direction concert we have been waiting to see! So we were in the car jamming to one direction of course and we were just really excited to be going. So as I was looking out the window listening to niall’s part of more than this, I just couldn’t keep my mind off of that Irish hottie! I have wanted to meet him so bad! He just seems like a wonderful guy! Then I ended up falling asleep while waiting to get to the concert and I was having dreams of hanging out will all of the boys , then I woke up to my friend kandice trying to sing rock me. So then I woke up and my mom said “well it’s about time you woke up and we are almost there!” Kandice and I squealed really loud we were so excited to be going! Then I said wow I cannot wait to see niall and kandice said well I can’t wait to see harry!


1. seeing the boys

We finally got to the concert, it was crazy. There were hundreds of crazy screaming directioners yelling out I love harry niall Louis zayn Liam! Some were even holding up signs that said - # one directioner and other things. We ended up getting there about half-an-hour early so first we went down to our floor seats and we were crazy excited because we had the best view ever we were super happy. My mom stayed at our seats while kandice and I went to look for a bathroom, there were so many crazed girls running around it was hard to try to find the bathrooms, we then found a door so we snuck in there thinking there could possibly be a bathroom behind the door but when we entered it was just five more doors so we went into one and as we opened the door we saw zayn Malik standing there looking in the mirror fixing his hair.

He quickly looked over and said umm vas happenin? And who are you? Then kandice said, oh no! we are very sorry we are looking for the bathroom , as our faces stared getting red, then he said oh while laughing its okay loves, and if you go over to the kitchen area ask someone over there where it is because in not too sure where it is either ! We laughed and said ok thanks. As we were walking out the door zayn stopped us and asked us if we wanted anything signed, and I shyly said do you mind signing our shirts? Then he said no problem as he grabbed his sharpie and signed our shirts then gave us both a kiss on the cheek. we giggled and looked at each other then he said see yea girls later then we walked out in search for the kitchen after a short walk down the hall we found the kitchen and we walked in quietly and kandice whispered I cant believe we just met zayn! Then as we peered around the corner and saw a blond man eating food out of the fridge I looked at kandice and said can it be? My smile widened. We walked closer then he turned around and yelled then with his amazing Irish accent he said whoa you guys scared me and wait who are you and what are you doing here?!?!?!?!?!?! (As he was stuffing his mouth full of food) I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes and said oh him really didnt mean to scare you and zayn sent us here to find the bathroom since he didnt know where it was then niall said all righty Ill show you lovely ladies there and it ok. And there are bathrooms near the entrance for the fans but its fine you can use ours we laughed and said oh sorry we didnt see it. Then niall said its fine with all the directioners running around Im sure you didnt see it. Then we walked out of the kitchen into the hall and ran into harry and Louis who were fixing each others clothes to make sure they looked ok before they went on stage. Then Louis said ello loves who may you be? Then niall looked over and said sorry but I didnt catch your girls names? (As his face started to get red) its fine I said and Im Megan and thats kandice and when I looked at her she was frozen staring at harry. Louis leaned over to me and asked what was wrong with her and I said well she is in love with harry then Louis replied and said well who wouldnt as he winked at me we all giggled as harry walked to kandice and said hey babe you alright? As Louis yelled fine! I see how it is while dramatically running away and crying niall then said oh Louis its ok while grabbing my hand and smiled as harry did the same with kandice. This was the best time of my life! They walked us to the bathroom and said here girls when youre done we should get to know each other better in the lounge before the concert begins! Kandice and I nodded and smiled while walking into the bathroom. we were standing at the mirror fixing our hair and making our selves look good then I got a text I looked at my phone and it was mom oh no I said to kandice my mom is looking for us so I quickly texted her back and said oh sorry mom Ill tell you everything when we get back and we are in the bathroom now. (We have been gone for twenty minutes) so we rushed out and peeked into the lounge and Louis said come on in loves and have a seat. I sat between niall and zayn while Louis was mad because kandice was between harry and him. Then all of a sudden Liam walked in and said hey mates oh we have company? Who are these lovely ladies you guys are flirting with? Then niall spoke with his amazing Irish accent and said this is lovely Megan and he cuddled closer to me and harry stated this is the pretty kandice while grabbing her hand. Liam replied oh well then, and we are on in five minutes so we all stood up and they said ok girls you better get to your seats. Where are you sitting? I cut in and said umm we have section a floor seats in row two , oh great so we can see you harry added. Then niall grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and said will you be at the meet and greet signing later? I said definitely and smiled and he said great love see you then as he gave me a kiss while harry did the same with kandice.


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