Over Rated.

Louis and Eleanor are married,they have two kids, julia, who is 14 year old, and crista, who is 17 years old. Louis and eleanor are really over protective of their kids, mostly julia because she is the youngest and makes terrible decisions. They are over protective of crista also, just not as much as julia. Julia is dating zayn, who in this is 16 years old, he has tattoos and smokes and is just a plain out bad boy. Louis and eleanor absolutley hate zayn and dont want him around their daughter. Louis and el are ok with cristas boyfriend, harry, only because hes a very sweet boy around them, and when their not there, harry only wants to do sexual things. Julia and crista decide to buy louis and el tickets for a cruise, the cruise is a week long and only 3 days away, but in that week that their gone, julia has zayn sleep over, crista has harry sleep over too, except louis and el know about that already, crista doesnt like zayn at all either, what will happen in that week? read to find out


3. Why so questioning?

****LOUIS' P.O.V.****

I walk inside, the first thing i see is julia and crista sitting on the couch, there both looking kinda weird, their sitting up straight and have there shoes on, they know i hate when they dont take their shoes off. "Uh hello girls, quick question?" i say looking at them. "What is it?" Crista says. "Why do you have your shoes on in the house? you know i cant stand that." i say looking at them. Right away they take their shoes off. "Better" i say looking at them. "So where were you guys all day? the house isnt a mess so i know you werent here all day." i say looking around the house. "We went to get ice cream, then i hung out with harry and julia hung out with his friend zayn." Crista said. Right away i thought to myself, i was fine with crista and harry, but.. whos this zayn guy and what was he doing with my daughter? "Uh whos zayn?" i say looking at julia and crista. "Hes harrys friend" Julia says. "How old is this zayn kid?" i say looking at them. "hes 16" Julia says smiling. My 14 year old daughter? with a 16 year old boy? "Is this kid a good kid?" i ask looking at julia. "Hes.. you know.. my type" julia says looking at her phone. "Julia.. look at me now." I say looking at her, she looks up at me "WHAT?!" she says annoyed. "Is this boy a good or bad kid?!" I say. "He smokes and has tattoos." crista says then covers her mouth. "yup." Julia says. "What?! tattoos?! and he smokes! julia marie!" i say yelling. "yea?" she asks. "What do you mean by yeah!? before you and this kid start to date, im meeting him, and dont get your hopes up cause your not gonna date him." I say with a tone. "im just gonna go upstairs.." crista says and walks up the stairs to her room. I walk into the kitchen and see julia making faces, i just ignore it.

****JULIAS P.O.V.****

Why the fuck is he so questioning? and he needs to stop controlling me.. like really? I get a text i look at it and its a number i dont have in my phone, the text says "hey is this julia?" i respond saying "yeah whos this?". They text back in a matter of seconds saying "its zayn :) " i smile at the text and put his number in my phone. I text back saying "well hey there smexy ;) " he texts back saying "so im smexy, eh?" i smile at the text and text back "Hey, do u wanna come over tonight? bring harry too so crista isnt lonley" he texts back and says "sure! an hour good?" i text back saying "yup, see you then ;)". I run upstiars and fix my hair and makeup. I walk back down and my mum walks inside i yell to crista "MUMS HOME!" because she asked me to tell her when she is. She comes running downstairs. "Hi mum!" she yells and hugs her. "Haha hello sweetie" she looks at me. "Hello julia" she says and smiles. "hi.." i say sitting on the couch and texting. dad walks in, "Hey babe, can i speak with you quickly?" he says to her. "Yeah of course" She says walking to the kitchen with him.

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