Over Rated.

Louis and Eleanor are married,they have two kids, julia, who is 14 year old, and crista, who is 17 years old. Louis and eleanor are really over protective of their kids, mostly julia because she is the youngest and makes terrible decisions. They are over protective of crista also, just not as much as julia. Julia is dating zayn, who in this is 16 years old, he has tattoos and smokes and is just a plain out bad boy. Louis and eleanor absolutley hate zayn and dont want him around their daughter. Louis and el are ok with cristas boyfriend, harry, only because hes a very sweet boy around them, and when their not there, harry only wants to do sexual things. Julia and crista decide to buy louis and el tickets for a cruise, the cruise is a week long and only 3 days away, but in that week that their gone, julia has zayn sleep over, crista has harry sleep over too, except louis and el know about that already, crista doesnt like zayn at all either, what will happen in that week? read to find out


4. The talk.

****ELEANORS P.O.V.****

I walk into the kitchen, louis looking right at me. "Uh whats wrong?" i say looking at him. "So julia, our 14 year old daughter, is into one of harrys friends, zayn, and what ive heard.. is that he smokes.. hes 16 and he has tattoos.. " he says looking at me then the ground. "HE SMOKES!?" i say loudly. He puts his hand over my mouth "shh julia will hear you" he says quietly. "Hes 16? shes fucking 14! that cant happen!" i say angrily. "hes coming over tonight and were gonna talk to him.." he says.  "i dont care what he says.. i dont want that boy around my daughter.." i say crossing my arms.. then julia walks into the room.

****JULIAS P.O.V.****

I walk into the kitchen, i see my mum and dad standing there awkwardly looking at me. "Um.. can i help you with something?" i say. They look at eachother then look at me as i walk to get a banana. "Julia, whos zayn?" my mum says. I look at her and smile and sit down, "ok so zayn is this really hot kid, i mean hes like a total badboy and omg my hes like ahh!" i say and then my dad stops me. "but he smokes and has tattoos?" he says seriously. "Yeah but hes like so hot and nice!" i say looking through his facebook pictures. "Julia, your 14, you dont need boys in your life" they both say. I look at them and roll my eyes, "Yup, whatever" i say walking out of the room.

     I walk up to my room and get a text from zayn saying, "i cant wait to see you later, youve been on my mind all day :)" i smile at it and reply with, "my mum and dad just had 'the talk' about boys with me, but i cant wait to see you too!" i send it and change into very short yoga shorts and a really tight tanktop for zayn, i mean i have to look good for the boy, right? I look at myself in the mirror and smile, walking back down to the couch.

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