Over Rated.

Louis and Eleanor are married,they have two kids, julia, who is 14 year old, and crista, who is 17 years old. Louis and eleanor are really over protective of their kids, mostly julia because she is the youngest and makes terrible decisions. They are over protective of crista also, just not as much as julia. Julia is dating zayn, who in this is 16 years old, he has tattoos and smokes and is just a plain out bad boy. Louis and eleanor absolutley hate zayn and dont want him around their daughter. Louis and el are ok with cristas boyfriend, harry, only because hes a very sweet boy around them, and when their not there, harry only wants to do sexual things. Julia and crista decide to buy louis and el tickets for a cruise, the cruise is a week long and only 3 days away, but in that week that their gone, julia has zayn sleep over, crista has harry sleep over too, except louis and el know about that already, crista doesnt like zayn at all either, what will happen in that week? read to find out


13. Suspicious.

****CRISTAS P.O.V.****

Harry drives us home. Him and zayn come into the house as well. I nostice julia is moving really slow, like shes in pain? "Julia are you okay?" i say well sitting on the couch. "Yeah im fine.." She says and slowly sits down beside me. "You sure? your moving kinda slow.." i say looking at her with a suspicious look on my face. "yea im fine!" she says almost yelling. Zayn sits next to her and harry sits next to me. I see a necklace around julias neck. "Whats that?" i say. "A necklace, what else?" she says with a tone. "Who gave it to you?" i say. "Zayn" she says with a smile then looks at him. I look at it and am kinda pleased, i would never think zayn would have done that. "What did you guys do other than get that?" i say. Julia looks at zayn then replies, "We uh.. got cloths and stuff" she says, not in her normal tone. I look at her and zayn, then harry. Whatever is going on, i will find out.

****JULIAS P.O.V.****

Crista is acting really suspicious? Does she know? I think to myself. Zayn whispers in my ear, "wanna go upstairs?" he says. I whisper back, "No! my dads gonna be home soon! if we were in my room he would kill us". He sighs and crista looks over to us, with a not so fun look. Then we see dad walk in.

****LOUIS P.O.V.****

I walk in. Zayn and julia are sitting awfully close and his arm is around her? why? and she looks like shes in pain? I look at crista and harry who are sitting apart from eachother. "Uh hi?" i say looking at them. "Hi" crista says right after. "Julia and zayn, stop." i say and look at them, they move a few inches apart. Julia is moving really slow, and painfully. "Julia whats wrong?" i say. "Uh nothing, i just slept on the wrong side.." she says nervously. I look at her suspiciously, then look at crista. "Crista can i talk to you, in the kitchen?" i ask. "Yeah sure" she says and walks to the kitchen as i follow. "Whats up with julia?" i say. "I dont know.. shes been acting suspicious today" she says. "Hm.. ok thanks hun" I say and put my coat down. I walk back in the living room. I look at zayn, then julia, then walk upstiars trying to ignore the situation. Why is she acting so suspicious?


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