Over Rated.

Louis and Eleanor are married,they have two kids, julia, who is 14 year old, and crista, who is 17 years old. Louis and eleanor are really over protective of their kids, mostly julia because she is the youngest and makes terrible decisions. They are over protective of crista also, just not as much as julia. Julia is dating zayn, who in this is 16 years old, he has tattoos and smokes and is just a plain out bad boy. Louis and eleanor absolutley hate zayn and dont want him around their daughter. Louis and el are ok with cristas boyfriend, harry, only because hes a very sweet boy around them, and when their not there, harry only wants to do sexual things. Julia and crista decide to buy louis and el tickets for a cruise, the cruise is a week long and only 3 days away, but in that week that their gone, julia has zayn sleep over, crista has harry sleep over too, except louis and el know about that already, crista doesnt like zayn at all either, what will happen in that week? read to find out


9. Night in the basement, Part 2.

****JULIAS P.O.V.****

Zayn looks at me and smiles, i smile back, he kisses me quickly then lays me down on the couch, i bite my lip and smile up at him. Hes hovering over me, he does a push up, kisses me, then goes back up. I smile at him "teasing me isnt gonna make it any fun?" i say looking at him and laughing. He raises his eyebrows, "well you want some of dj malik huh?" he laughs as i do too. He leans down and kisses my neck, i let out a moan and rub the back of his head. He slowly moves from my neck to my collar bone, he puts his hand under my bra strap, i smile.

****CRISTAS P.O.V.****

We both sit on the bed, harry sits really close to me. "What do you wanna do?" i say looking at him. He smiles at me and bites his lip. "I have an idea" he says and kisses me, i kiss back, but then i hear a moan, julias moan. I pull away from harry and walk out to the room we were just in. I see zayn on top of julia, kissing her body. "Zayn?! julia!?" i say pulling zayn off her. "Crista come one!" julia says looking at me. "What were you doing!?" i say trying to be quiet. Harry walks in and sits on the couch.

All the sudden we hear footsteps coming from upstairs. Crista looks at me and zayn, then harry. "Get dressed before mum or dad kill you guys!" she says. I get up and walk to the bathroom, zayn goes in the spare room. I walk back out to see my dad standing right in front of crista. "Where did you guys come from!?" he says to me and zayn with an angry tone. "Um we were putting pajamas on" i say and look at zayn who is in his boxers. "Why dont you have pants on?!" my dad yells to zayn. "Because i sleep in my boxers?" he says and looks at him. "Julia and crista upstiars now!" he says and points up. "C'mon dad!" i say yelling. "NOW!" he says. "No." i say. He looks at me. "What was that? he says. "You heard me.." i say. Zayn is trying not to die laughing, so he sits down. Harry sits next to him and crista runs upstiars. "Your grounded." he says. "Ive been grounded before" i shrug. He looks at me with a sassy look. "No more zayn." he says, My eyes widen. "Fuck this!" I say and run upstairs faster than crista ran that one time she almost was late for school. I run up to my room. That was an ok night? i think to myself and die laughing. I get a text from zayn "Babe i think i just pissed my pants!" he says. I laugh at it and text back., "Haha well i try?" i say. He texts back, "Night baby, see you in the morning?" I smile at the text. Maybe zayn wasnt the bad boy i thought he was? I text back "Night(: <3" and shut my eyes, falling asleep.

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