Journey Back to Camelot

16 year old arabella had a normal life till she journeyed back to the mythical world of camelot, where she find's herself falling in love with a random handsome lad and learning what its like to leave behind what you've known your entire life.


2. the journey

once upon a time....
walking downstairs too the basement....the temperature drops. slowly walking threw the doors i come into a snowy field. i hear nothing but the falling snow and see nothing but white open space.
"where am i?" i ask myself
i pull my hood up over my dark brown curl's and start heading north....minutes pass by, then hour's, then what seem's like days.
i hear the ringing of bells and neighing of several horses. the sound gets closer and closer with every passing minute.
to think ive heard that sound before....
5 men appear in the distance all on horseback, 2 on each side, and 1 in the middle.
i start to walk the other way when the man in the middle rides up in front of me.
he's very mysterious, dark haired, green eyes, but...i have a feeling that we've met before...
"arabella" he says with that beautiful grin he always used to give me when we  were younger.
he jumps down from him trusty steed and pulls me into a hug.
"oh how ive missed you ara"
the smell of him is still the same, his embrace is still magical, and his smile still just breathtaking.
"i missed you too, but what am i doing here?" i ask.
"come back to my castle with me and i will show you" he says with that rather dashing smirk of his.
he puts me on the back of his horse and we ride into the sunset towards his castle. as we arrive the palace guards surround dominik and start asking him questions.
"its alright men, shes a friend, a rather good friend. shes safe, and shes with me everything will be alright, right arabella?"
"yes, i suppose...i dont want to cause a commotion..." i say.

we walk threw the front gates and he leads me into the throne room.
"wait here, ill be back in a few moments" he says.
he leaves me right in the middle of the room and i look around at all the drawings and painting of his family.
10 minutes later he arrives back with me.
once again he pulls me into an embrace and grabs my hand.
"come with me, close your eyes, i wants to suprise you with something"
he leads me threw a dozen doorways to a beautiful flower room.
"open them now"
i gasp at all the different types of flower, orchids, lilly's, daisies, rose's. this all has to be a dream...
"arabella, my darling...i love you with all my heart and soul...i want to be able to call you mine forever and be with you till the end of time...will you do me the honor's of marrying me?"

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