Alarm Bells

Whilst on a 'relaxing' holiday away from Telford, Carys makes some of the best friends she could've asked for. But are the repercussions of being friends with some of the biggest popstars in the world be too much for her?


3. Speed Dial

Niall's P.O.V
I was just about to go to bed when my phone rang, "Who is it Niall?" Zayn was sitting next to me and gawking at the screen, "Carys?! Put it on speaker! Everyone shut up." 
"Hello." There was scuffling on the other end of the phone, "Carys?" Still no answer. I was about to hang up when she said something, it was slightly muffled. "P-please don't hurt me."
"Carys I wouldn't why would you-" I was cut off by another voice on the phone, "I won't hurt you, don't worry, you can trust me." It was a male voice. I suddenly had a very bad feeling. "Guys what if we're still meant to be on lockdown." No one had time to reply, the man's voice broke the scared silence, "Don't bother screaming sweetie. We're 10 stories up on an empty floor, no one will hear you." Oh god, maybe she could get away. Carys screamed for help and I could hear her struggling then a door closed, "Let me go!" she screamed, I wanted to race  out of there right away and help her, but somehow I was glued to my seat, "And why would I do that gorgeous?" the call was ended. We all sat there in silence unable to think properly. Liam sprung up, "Guys! We need to help her! God knows whats happening! Someone call the police and an ambulance just incase, and the rest of us, to the 10th floor, we will find her." Liam has this effect on people, he can pull them to their senses and always seems to have a level head. Zayn stayed behind and called emergency services. I needed to find Carys, there was something about her that I couldn't place, but I liked it. The elevator ride from the 14th floor to the 10th took forever, people jumped in at every stop and soon it was jam packed, with us at the back. "Ding" no one stepped up to get off, no one went to get out, except us, we pushed past people in the elevator to get to the door. "Ok so we each take one room and see if Carys is there, if we find her we just shout the room number." Louis had his moments of sensibility also. I ran to room 10F a little down the hall, the door was slightly ajar. The room was pitch black and as I let my eyes adjust I carefully walked over to the windows and opened the curtains. I looked around the room, a neatly made bed, nothing on the floor. No signs anyone was in there. I saw another door, the bathroom. I cautiously pushed open the door, there was blood on the white tiles, I automatically the worst. I didn't hesitate to open the shower curtain blocking my view of the bath. I stopped when I saw her, lying in a pool of blood, her own I suspect, was Carys. She was unconscious and bruised, small cuts all over her body, her clothes ripped. I screamed for the others, they came running in as I was picking her up out of the bath. I looked closely at her face, she had a black eye and her cheek was swollen, I thought I saw her eyes flicker open, but they couldn't have. Zayn ran in, trailing ambulance staff behind him, I didn't want to hand her over, but I had no choice. 
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