Alarm Bells

Whilst on a 'relaxing' holiday away from Telford, Carys makes some of the best friends she could've asked for. But are the repercussions of being friends with some of the biggest popstars in the world be too much for her?


7. Now

A/N - Hey I know I am sooo bad at updating! I am so sorry for taking forever but to make up for it here's a long one :) let me know if you like it down in the comments and by liking and favouriting! Xx nytw

"Nia, I suggest you re-decorate your room and clean the house." I said quietly down the phone.
"Why? That's too much effort." she whined.
"Okay, well, fine by me." I replied casually, leaning back in my seat to face Niall again. "I just wasn't sure if you wanted 1/5 of your favorite boy band in the whole wide world to come over and discover a house full of posters and crap, thats all." I said cooly, removing the phone from the side of my head to prevent myself going deaf. After the screaming had subsided I thought it would be safe to bring the phone to my ear again. "You know, he heard every octave of that." I laughed as she cursed at me down the phone, this was fun. I never usually got to torment my older cousin, yes, OLDER.
I hung up and put my cell back in my pocket. "I apologise in advance for my cousin, hopefully she'll contain herself long enough for me to lock her in her room."
Niall smiled at me, I still couldn't believe all this had happened to me. I couldn't help but notice something strange about how Niall had acted these past few days but I brushed it off, I'm sure it was nothing. 
"Back in the hotel, you said you always go shopping in Wolverhampton with your mum, but you live with your aunt."
"Oh yeah um-" 
"It's okay, you don't have to answer." I think he sensed my uneasiness. 
"No no, it's fine. I um, my Mum she died in a car crash almost 6 years ago, when I was 14." a tear silently rolled down my cheek without permission, Niall saw and put his arm around me to rub my back. "Uh my dad, I've never met him, he left my mum when she was pregnant with me, never saw him again." 
"Don't you wanna meet him, find out who your dad is?" 
I shook my head "No, he's never been a part of my life, he didn't want to be and I hate him for walking out on my mum like that. I've lived with my Aunt May and Nia since she died. I'm around them much that I sometimes find myself calling her Mum, she looks so much like her." Niall nodded in understanding. 
"So, you're almost 20 then, when's your birthday?" Niall's attempt at lightening the mood, didn't work, my mum died on my birthday driving me to dinner. "Oh it's the 10th of June, I never really celebrate my birthday, I haven't since my mum died." 
"Why not?" I surprised at Niall's interest in my past, everyone normally just leaves it there and I like it that way. But I suppose that's why I don't really have any close friends, I haven't opened up to anyone before. 
"My mum died on my birthday, she was driving me to dinner, I was in the car. A truck pulled out and-" a sob racked my body, I couldn't bear to think of it. It should've been me. 
"Hey, hey, shhh it's okay." Niall had enveloped me in his arms and was whispering soothing words, they didn't really work.//

The breeze found it's way down my collar, the cool spring air welcomed by my nervous figure as we walked from the train station. I was scared Nia was going to do some thing crazy, like attack him. I thought it would feel odd, walking to my house with Niall, but it felt like one of the most natural things in the world. "It's just there, number 34." My finger indicating the so often seen house. It was right on a busy road, so the noise was horrible but at least rent was cheap. "Is there a crossing?"
"Nah we just gotta j-walk it." 
I looked out for cars, there was a small gap in the traffic coming up, if we ran across we would make it, rather than having to stand there for yonks. As if he could read my mind Niall looked at me and nodded. The gap was coming up, I could feel my feet moving forward into the gutter. "Now." Running across a busy road with a big suitcase wasn't an easy task. Niall moved closer to me, I was sure I looked like a converse wearing penguin with a very heavy tail. The wheels of my case got caught on something, flicking me out of my self conscious mind, it was only the curb. When my luggage was safely on the sidewalk I noticed my left hand was warmer than the right one 'how peculiar'. I glanced down and noticed fingers entwined with mine. Niall. I quickly unhooked myself from his grasp, awkwardly avoiding his gaze, hoping to god that it hadn't freaked him out. I looked up at my house to see the front room's curtains pulled to one side, my cousin's face peeking out. Quickly she ducked out of view. The front door was flung open and Nia stood there wide eyed. Before she could launch herself at Niall, Aunt May shoved her inside and came out to greet us.//

"Mum, where's Niall sleeping?"
I could hear Nia from down the hall, it was late so we were going to go to bed, we had dinner on the train.
"Don't you worry I have something sorted now go to bed, you'll see him in the morning." Nia had been milling around the whole hour I'd been home, barely containing herself. Nia hunched her shoulders in defeat at retreated to her room. "Aunt May, where is he sleeping?" 
"Well, I'm just about to set up a  mattress on the floor in your room." I just stared at her. "Well the guest room is filled with crap." she said in defense and walked past me to the other end of the hall. Niall came into the hallway from the living room, looking quite tired, I had forgotten about jet lag but as soon as u remembered it hit me in a surge. Hazily I walked into my room and shut the door as I got changed into my pyjamas, it was soon opened though, Aunt May barging in with the mattress. "I'll let you two catch up on sleep, good night." she kissed my forehead as she left, leaving Niall standing in the doorway in a t-shirt and baggy sweat pants. I went to the other side of my bed and bent down to climb into the bed on the floor. I felt a hand on my arm and looked up. "No, you take the bed, I'll sleep on the floor." Niall pulled me up to face him, he was wrong of course. Someone who saved me from mist probably death and not to mention incredibly famous was not sleeping on the floor. I just shook my head but he ignored me and went to crawl under the covers. "Uh uh, you saved me, I think you at least deserve a proper bed." at that he rose to face me again. "You almost died, you were in hospital for 2 days, I'm sleeping on the floor." I raised my hands from their prior position by my sides to rest on my hips. Niall mimicked me, over dramatically and swung his hips to the side, tossing imaginary flowing locks. I tried to keep my serious composure but a suppressed giggle escaped my lips. Taking this as a challenge I plonked down cross legged onto the mattress and straightened my spine, indicating that I was not going anywhere. Niall stared at me, his arms shifting to cross over his chest, one of his eyebrows rose in question. "Hey, don't spill your hair bleach it's just a bed. I'm not moving." Niall finally gave up and moved to climb into my bed, not before giving me a hug.//

Niall's P.O.V.
I kept looking over at her to make sure she was asleep, checking her eyelashes for movement. She was beautiful, her long blonde hair splayed out around her like a fan, sea green eyes hidden from view by her heavy eyelids. Hoping she was a heavy sleeper, Niall pushed back his covers and climbed out of bed. He gingerly lifted her sleeping bag off and slid his arms under her. The boy transferred her into her own bed, placing a light kiss on her forehead before climbing into the sleeping bag.//
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