Alarm Bells

Whilst on a 'relaxing' holiday away from Telford, Carys makes some of the best friends she could've asked for. But are the repercussions of being friends with some of the biggest popstars in the world be too much for her?


2. Help

After a few more hours of the "party" and the boys playing around with my cellphone I decided it was time to go back to my own room, it had been 5 hours, the "criminal" would've been long gone by now. I checked my phone to see what damage they had done and found that I had 5 new contacts, who knew you could make new friends with a vigilante on the loose. I stepped out of the elevator on my floor and started down the empty hallway, suddenly a door shot open. "Hi there gorgeous." A man in dark clothing emerged.
"Eugh get away from me." I hated when random people flirt with me. Then I saw the gun. My eyes widened and I wouldn't be surprised if my heart could be heard from the lobby, 10 stories down. "P-please don't hurt me." my hands were shaking and I almost dropped my phone, my phone! Trying to be discreet I pressed a number and the call button and prayed to god I hit 1, I had emergency services on speed dial. "I won't hurt you, don't worry, you can trust me." I definitely couldn't, I slipped my phone into my pocket, hoping my call had gone through. The man approached me and I backed up against the elevator door. "Don't bother screaming sweetie. We're 10 stories up on an empty floor, no one will hear you." He grabbed me. Everything went muffled, I could hear myself screaming for help, see that I was being pulled into a room, feel my world go black.
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