Alarm Bells

Whilst on a 'relaxing' holiday away from Telford, Carys makes some of the best friends she could've asked for. But are the repercussions of being friends with some of the biggest popstars in the world be too much for her?


6. American Stranger

SUPER QUICK AUTHORS NOTE: Ok I have a confession, I didn't write this chapter. My amazingly talented best friend J Dylan did! (go check out her two fics Testing Love and Committing Crime) I had major writers block so she wrote this for me! Thanks Hun! - newyorkandtypewriters  

"Okay Miss Jones, you are free to go." a young nurse probably only a few years older than me had finished disconnecting me from the various machines and was now standing over my bed, clipboard in hand. "Okay, thank you so much." "You're very welcome. Now boys, this way please." she turned around and began to lead the boys out so I could get changed. "You sure I couldn't stay, I promise I won't look" Harry said but the nurse shooed him out. I quickly changed into some jeans and a t-shirt, trying not look at the cuts and bruises that covered my legs. I didn't want to think about what happened. I put on my ugg boots and left the room. The boys were waiting in the waiting room, surrounded by suitcases, some of them looked very familiar. It took me a moment to realise that they were mine. "First class" Niall said holding up six first class tickets. "What?" I asked confused. "We're coming with you to London" Liam said  "Ummm but why?" I asked  "Because Niall..ouffff-" Harry began to say by Niall elbowed him in the stomach. "We were going home tomorrow anyway, so we thought we would catch an earlier flight, with you" Liam said covering for Niall. "Sure" I said and Niall beamed at me. I couldn't help but smile as well. We were picked up by a black van, the boys fighting over who would sit next to me, Niall won. The drive was a short one but somehow Zayn still fell asleep on the way to the airport. It's a strange feeling when you hop out of a car with the 5 most famous boys in the world and cameras start flashing. Security surrounded us and we moved slowly towards the airport doors, crowds pressing in on both sides. We finally were inside of the airport and the security made a larger circle for us so they had more space. I could hear the screams of fans outside, calling out for the boys, trying to claw their way inside. "Are you okay Nialler?" Zayn asked Niall, I hadn't noticed until now that he was very pale and shaky. "God I hate that" He mumbled trying to smile. Zayn gave Niall a hug and so did the other boys, one by one. I felt awkward being the only one that hadn't hugged him and felt to shy to go give him a hug. The other boys moved out of the way so Niall and I were directly facing each other. He smiled shyly, blushing. I felt a hand on my back and the person pushed me closer to Niall. "Just hug him!" Harry said, I felt a blush creep across my cheeks. I extended my arms and wrapped them around Niall's waist. Niall pulled me closer and I could hear his heart racing in his chest. I sighed in relief, this was okay, it wasn't awkward, actually I kind of liked it. // I sat down in my chair, getting lost in the bigness of it. "It's like a bed!" I said to Niall who was sitting behind me. "Watch this" he said as I turned around in my seat. He lowed his chair so he was lying down. "No you lower you chair" he said and I pressed the button on the side of my chair. My chair lowered so that if I had been lying down our heads would be opposite each other. "Now we can whisper, me and the boys do this all the time so we can talk about private stuff" Niall said as I curled up in my blanket and laid down, our heads only inches apart. "It's very clever" I whispered  "You just don't know who's eves dropping on your conversations" Niall said "You say that like its a normal thing, people eves dropping in on your conversations" I joked laughing but he was completely serious. "It happens all the time" He said  "It must be a pop star thing" I said and he smiled. "What don't you like about the crowd thing?" I asked and the smile disappeared from his face. "Everyone pushing in on both sides, having no space" he mumbled shivering. "Even just thinking about it is horrible" He said I placed my hand on his reassuringly. "We don't have to talk about it anymore" I said as Niall took my hand and started tracing things on my palm. "That tickles" I said trying to pull my hand away but he held on tight. "I'm hungry, where's the food?" Niall said and they could hear the other boys laugh around them. "But you just ate before you got on the plane" I said  "I'm hungry again" Niall said  "It must cost Simon a lot of money for food." // Customs took extra long with five extra people but the boys made it up with making sure that I had the best time. They even made waiting in a line fun. Though me and the boys didn't help with all the pranks we pulled. Like stealing Paul's passport and scaring a guard. On the plane me and Niall had been watching movies together while the others had been pranking Niall by taking his food from him without noticing. I shared my food with him which he did surprisingly well, at least he didn't eat all the food by himself. He was actually pretty good at sharing when he wanted to. But by the time they had gotten through customs his stomach was growling and so was mine. We were finally parting, I was going to catch a train back home and the boys were going back to their apartments. I felt really sad to say goodbye but hopefully it wasn't forever. I hugged them all good bye, leaving Niall for last and hugging him the longest. "We'll see you soon, text me" he whispered in my ear passing a piece of paper to me. I watched them go, tears building up in my eyes now that I didn't have them to distract me, memory's came flooding back. I pushed them to the side, I didn't want to deal with them in public. I got on the gatwick express to Paddington Station. Most people stare at me, I wasn't surprised with a back eye and swollen cheek. People at the airport had stopped me and the boys, they had thought that they had beat me up. When Paul had pulled the people aside and told them what happened they looked at me with sympathy that I  didn't want. I got off at Paddington Station to find that my train to Telford was a half an hour wait. I sat at a cafe, with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a brownie. With nothing else to do I pulled out my phone. The little note Niall had given me fell to the floor. I picked it up and unfolded it to find and time, a date and a place. My phone buzzed, it was a text from Niall. 'Meet me there :)' it said as if Niall knew that I had just read it. 'Sure :)' I replied slipping the note back into my pocket. 'How long until your train?' He asked  'Half an hour!' I sent back. 'Thats so long! :)'  'Yeah, I thought they went every 15 minutes :)'  'Don't worry I'll keep you company during your wait ;)'  'Thanks, now i won't be alone ;)' I could hardly believe I was flirting with Niall Horan and he was flirting back. Time flew by and soon it was time for me to get on my train. I just got there in time, my train pulling in as I arrived at he platform. I dragged my suitcases on the train and placed them on the seat In front of me. "Do you mind if I sit there" a American man said pointing to the one seat i left free which was opposite me. "Sure, of course" I said and he sat down in front of me. Though it wasn't a American man it was Niall. "Niall!" I cried in shock. "Surprise!" He said  "What are you doing here?" I asked  "Catching a train to Telford" he said  "But-but why?" I asked  "Don't you want me here?" He asked, all sad. "No, I want you here but why are you here?" I asked again "Because you want me here" he said smiling, I couldn't help but smile too. // 

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