Alarm Bells

Whilst on a 'relaxing' holiday away from Telford, Carys makes some of the best friends she could've asked for. But are the repercussions of being friends with some of the biggest popstars in the world be too much for her?


1. "Panic"


I had almost reached the elevator when it began, a shrill noise that sent a shiver down my spine. Was it the fire alarm? I found an emergency plan on the wall beside me, "A high-pitched on going alarm signals lockdown." The noise showed no signs of stopping. My instincts kicked in and I ran to the nearest open door, slammed it shut and flicked the lock behind me. I closed my eyes and slid down the door, head in hands. This was supposed to be a relaxing holiday away from Telford, the last thing I needed was a madman rampaging through my hotel.

 That's when I noticed that I wasn't alone, whatever chaos that had been ensuing before i came in had ceased. 4 young men were standing in front of me, hair tousled, mouths open, staring. "Um, hi." The two words slipped out of my mouth voluntarily. One of the boys walked forward and helped me up, "Hi, I'm Liam, you are?"

“Oh my name’s Carys, sorry for barging in it was a lockdown bell so I jus-“

“Nah that’s fine, wouldn’t want a madman to getcha would we?” a boy with tan skin and golden brown hair approached me, “Hi, I’m Louis.” Something about these boys made my brain go funny like I knew them from somewhere, but I couldn’t, could I?

Liam was leading me to a couch in their large room, mine was nowhere near this size. “Take a seat.” He said, gesturing to the couch. “Oh, ok. Thank you.” He smiled and walked away toward the bedroom, nudging one of the boys on the way past and whispering in his ear, the blonde boy blushed.

“Hi, I’m Harry.” A boy with curly brown hair and a deep, slow English accent plopped himself down next to me.

“Carys.” I replied with a smile.

“So, where are you from? In Wales I mean.”

“Oh, I’m not from Wales, well I am but I don’t live there anymore, I live in Telford.”

“Telford!, That’s near Wolverhampton!” Liam had returned to the main room, blondie in tow.

“Yeah, me and Mum did most of our shopping there, nice place.”

Louis came and sat next to me, “Niall is being very quiet, watch this,” he said to no one in particular, “I think this calls for a gun-weilding-madman-on-the-loose-in-our-hotel-party. Anyone got food? There might be something in the minifridge.” At that, the blonde one, I’m assuming Niall, shot straight over to the fridge. “Better make sure Zayn doesn’t miss out!”

Niall had scavenged everything he could from the hotel’s cupboards and fridge, a few packets of crisps, some cheese and crackers and 2 bottles of Coke. He dumped it all on the coffee table in front of us and sat down next to me.

“Zayn! You’re up!” Niall began eating a bag of crisps as another guy with dark brown hair and tattoos up his right arm sleepily emerged from his room. Suddenly it hit me, I sat there wide eyed, “Uh Carys, are you ok?”

“Uh um, yeah,” Harry broke my daze, “I just realised why you looked so familiar.”

“Oh, I thought you knew that right away, I was actually going to say something about how calm you were.” He said with a chuckle, I joined in. I sat back in the couch, wasn’t this supposed to feel weird? I was sitting in a hotel room with 5 of the biggest popstars while a criminal was running around the halls. I looked over at Niall, he caught my gaze, “Doyiwnnchp?” his mouth was crammed with corn chips but I could just make out what he said, “Sure, thanks.” I took a few crisps from the bag and as I returned my gaze ahead of me I could see the rest of the boys starting at me and Niall in disbelief.                     

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