London Calling

Mia is a high school graduate who is going to London for the summer to study at Cambridge university , she lost so many friends and high school was hell for her but she comes to learn she can have real friends and the love you read about and see in Nicolas Sparks movies when she meets the one guy she never thought it would happen with Harry styles of one direction , he shows her another world beyond belief and there faced with a love worth fighting for


2. Hello love

Mia P.O.V
I barely got any sleep last night everything was just a blur, with out my wallet I was screwed , and I refused to call my mom and tell her what happened I just had to think positive and get through the day. Today was my first day at the Cambridge art program I had a art history class this morning and I loved it my teacher is so nice my world art professor Mr. Massey is very young so he is very relatable and nice on the eyes as well , I really love how passionate he is about the history of art and it made me wonder why no one was like this in the states. My next class was my studio class which was what I loved hands on , my professor dr. Easterly was a older lady but very kind and soft spoken " hey everyone welcome to studio 1020 and welcome visiting students since it is our first day I want to get a feel of your creative sense ability , I want everyone to take a canvas and paint a moment in your life, and once your done you will explain it " she said while walking around. alright this was going to be easy I was really good with expressing myself . I decided to paint a story my uncle todd use to tell me before he passed when I was little it was about two birds mom and a baby , and one day the baby got lost and the mom got really scared and searched every where for her baby but couldn't find him when she decided to rest for awhile she discovered that he was behind her the entire time . And my uncle always said there may come a time when you may feel lost , just know that I'll always be there to help you find your way. I thought what better thing to share. As I'm finishing up my work dr.easterly is walking around admiring everyone's work giving everyone pointers on what works and what doesn't " Mia that's looking really good cant wait to hear the story behind it " she said standing beside me " thank you" I replied smiling " WOW that is amazing your really talented" someone said behind me and all of a sudden everyone froze like they saw a ghost thats when I saw him and that smile that drove me crazy and there he was standing there with my wallet." Excuse this class is closed" dr.easterly said annoyed " oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb your class, but I was wondering if I could have a word with Mia ? I promise it will be quick" Harry said smiling I swear his smile could get him out of anything "five minutes and make it fast , I wait for no one"she said a little snappy ,great a class I love and now my teacher hates me. So I went into the hall with Harry quickly so I could get back but it was kind of weird because he stared at me like a book he was debating on to see if he wanted "Omigod thank you , I thought I was screwed , my whole life is in that wallet " I said laughing with a sigh of relief taking the wallet " umm yeah , no problem love" Harry said rubbing the back of his neck "okkay....,thanks again I better get back in there before my teacher flips" I said wanting to leave this very awkward situation " hey Mia " Harry said loudly touching my arm " oh shit sorry I didn't mean to shout" he said in a low voice blushing " yeah" I replied waiting to hear what he was going to say but instead I got "have a nice day" he said smiling "" I said confused and then he just walked off and I found myself staring after him until he was out if sight. Have a nice day are you kidding me. " Ughhh" well at least I got my wallet back.

Harry P.O.V
Have a nice day are you serious Harry, what were you thinking,"ugh" I shouted while walking hitting my forehead how stupid . Making my way back to the car Niall was waiting for me wanting to know what happened " sooo how did it go ?" Niall asked " I said have a nice day " oh that bad uhh" Niall said laughing " it's not funny Niall I really want to get to know her" I said yelling "why Harry you just meet her .....well bumped into her let it go" Niall said annoyed " I don't .... ughhh...your right lets just go" I replied sighing Niall started the car and we left it was pretty quite for awhile until Niall decided to sing to Ed sheerans drunk. "Come on harry you love this song " Niall said ,I said nothing just looked out the window " Harry it's for the best you should just forget her" Niall said sighing " yeah ok your right your right , I mean I didn't even get to talk to her so its no big deal , Hey turn this song up" I replied so I tried to get into it and I did believe me I tried but then it got me again " so your not going to let her go are you " Niall said " nope sorry " I replied " I know where I might be able to find her " I said smiling " where? " Niall asked " ok so don't think I'm crazy but I saw in her wallet a flyer about a art festival near the London eye for tonight and best bet she will be there so I say about 8:30 we leave and go to the festival " I said smiling " ohh so there is a we" Niall said confused " YES!!!!!!! Niall I can't go by myself that would be crazy" I said laughing " oh yeah that would be crazy we wouldn't want her thinking your a stalker, but fine Harry I'm in I will help you stalk your American beauty" Niall said laughing but I could tell I would be paying him a favor later " it's not stalking its just wanting to get to know her ,so good your in"

Mia P.O.V
Classes had finally finished and for some reason I was still in shock about what happened with the whole Harry and my wallet thing and him saying " have a nice day" so I was really eager to tell Sammie what happened "heyy,Mia wait up" I heard someone shout behind me and it was the one person I was looking for which was Sammie " omigod Sam I've been looking for you" I said " ok here I am but first things first how was class " Sammie asked catching up locking her arm through mine " awesome I would want to stay here forever, but one teacher may hate me for one reason" I said making a pouty face " what,why ? What happened? " sammie said surprised " we'll let's see hear it has a lot to do with this little black zippy thing hear" I said dangling my wallet " Shut Up" Sammie yelled "calm down" I said lowly looking around making sure no one noticed her freaking out " ohh sorry what happened? And don't leave anything out" Sammie said smiling pulling on me , so we sat on the bench outside by dorms and I told her everything from him asking my teacher could he speak with me to her giving my the stank face in return, to the entire class looking at me like I was some 1D groupie " I promise you Sam it seemed like he wanted to say something else but he didn't " I said sighing " Mia .. Wow!!! That is insane ... I can't believe he tracked you down instead of turning it in to the police" Sammie said confused as she was pulling her hair up " yeah I know but I'm really excited about about the art festival tonight " I replied getting up. Art was always a passion of mine I loved everything about art and the history behind it. And when I found out there was a festival being held closer in the city and its in a country I've never been to, of course I was going. " yesss... Mia I will be there but one quick thing is there going to be food?" Sammie asked smiling " yes" I replied laughing " ok well then I'm there"

We finally got there after Sammie and me both did about five outfit changes until she decided to go with a flowly maxi dress and scandals and I wore denim shorts and plaid shirt and my brown oxfords . It was really crowed but not to the point to where it becomes overwhelming I was just amazed by everything there everyone was so incredibly talented and I just wanted to buy and look at everything. " hey Mia look" Sammie said " let's get one" she said smiling and pointing over to a booth . I was completely shocked when it turned out to be a three guys covered in ink and piercing doing tattoos " are you serious Sam ? My mom would kill me " I said shaking my head " Mia come on we are on our own here we've graduated High school going to college , I mean why not, you don't do drugs and your eggo isn't preggo ,so what is a little ink going to do ,and besides I don't want to do it alone " sammie said giving me a horrible sad face ,and of course peer pressure wins again " ok fine but something small " I replied frowning " ahhhh your the best come on" Sammie said grabbing my hand when we were at the booth one of the guys came up to us who looked fairly normal ,but for some reason I kept wondering what his skin looked like because it seemed as if his skin was nothing but these images of different things covering him "hello ladies I'm Nathan what can I help you with " he said smiling his voice was really deep I really like his accent it reminded me of David beckham " we want to get tattoos" Sammie said overly excited " ahh American girls cool what did you guys have in mine" Nathan asked " um well I know if I'm going to do this I want it to have meaning so I want I LOVE YOU in my moms hand writing " I said " and I just want a my brothers name he's in the military ,I miss him . Sammie said lowering her voice I knew how close they were and how sad she had been since he left ,we talked about it on our long plane ride " ok girls come with me" we both decided we wanted it on our wrist Sammie wanted to go first so I could hold her hand " so why did you decide to get I love you mi? " Sammie asked trying not to freak out about what was going on with her wrist " I mean I just love how she has always just been there for me and through all the lost and my dad not being there friends turning on me she just loved me through all of it and I couldn't ask for a better parent" I said smiling and feeling so lucky and blessed that I had such a great support system , it didn't really take long before Sammie was done my hand was completely num " alright all done ,your turn beautiful" he said trying to smile and keep me calm , I handed him a letter my mom wrote me that said I love you so he could imitate her writing " Mia it's going to be fine breath and hold my hand " Sammie said trying to believe what she said was true " hey do you hear that " Sammie said looking around " hey wheres All that screaming coming from? She asked ,"hey Nathan what's going on" I asked he didn't know he said nothing wasn't really happening someone must be here" me and Sammie just sat there as he was finishing up watching on my wrist it didnt hurt that bad to be honest i guess my attention was wondering why these girls were running like their life depended on it. " ok my American beauty's your all done" he said smiling " great lets pay for these grab a dog and hit the eye " Sammie said " ok sounds good " i replied looking At my tattoo I was really happy I loved it . " they look so good Sammie"

Harry's P.O.V
Ok so this was already off to a rocky start me and Niall had Been spotted and he wasn't much help in my pretend to see her here plan besides taking pictures and signing autographs he was always wanting to stop and get food every time he. Saw something he liked . We finally lost everyone and by this time it was night so it was going to be pretty hard to find her now."Niall get in here quick" I yelled pulling him in one of the tubes on the London eye." Omigod that would have been crazy if those girls had of seen us" I said sighing "ummmm Harry " Niall said eating his pretzel " I believe this tube was not free" he said giving a apologetic smile and when I turned around I couldn't believe it there she was Mia and her friend from nandos " oh hey how are you fancy meeting you beautiful" I said trying not to blush " hi,this is a surprise I would have never guessed" Mia said smiling ok Harry use your word why are you here?ok just be honest "we were just at the studio and say the festivities and wanted to come check it out,and as far as the art goes I really don't know a lot but would love to learn more. I replied not even believing the bloodily words that had just come out of my mouth " Really?" She said smiling " oh how rude of me this is me friend Sammie who seems to already be in a conversation with Niall " Mia said a little confused I wave hi to her didn't want to interrupt she and Niall seemed like they were having a nice time talking , so me and Mia just sat on the bench while Niall and Sammie stood on the other end of the tube and our ride began ," I hope I didn't get you in any trouble with your teacher today" I said looking at her while she looked out " oh no your fine,she just didn't want me thinking I can get special treatment ...but it's ok... I should be thanking you for bringing me my wallet I would have been.... *sigh* o don't even know what would have happened but thank you Harry" she said smiling at me I think I forgot my name she was so beautiful and probably the first girl who didn't faint when she saw me. " oh no problem love glad I could be of help" I said " so what brings you to England ?" I asked " I'm here for the summer I got into the Cambridge art program" she replied " so did you and the beastie decide to have a summer adventure" I said smiling "Lol that's funny but believe it or not we just met on the plane here back in the states and we just hit it off" she said " wow I would have never guessed you to seem really close, so next question" I said looking at her she laughed "oh twenty one question , if I answer yours you answer mine deal" she said looking at me smiling " deal"
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