Lost in blue

Destiny is a regular girl with a healthy life. One day, she goes jogging and run's in into something. Who is it? What will happen?

Read more to find out.


2. Bumping into someone

~Ava's p.o.v~

I'v been running for 15 minutes now. I decided to take a water brake. I drank out of my water and put it back in my backpack. I decided to go on my twitter and look at who is following me. I decid to walk and look at my twitter until my head hit someone elses head. I look up to see a tall hansome blond boy standing right infront of me."Oh my god! I'm sorry!".I said."No! I'm sorry!". The blondy said. I touched my head and it hurt so much!"Here! Let me get you some ice". He said. We both waled into a café. He got some ice for my head and he ordered a coffe for saying he was sorry."So tell me a little bit about yourself".He said looking at my head. Was my head really that bad!?

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