Crossover - Cherub & Hunger Games

James and Kerry are on a daring mission in America when they suddenly find themselves in a sectioned off city called the Capitol where they meet Katniss Everdeen and Peter Mallark who get them sucked into a battle to the death.


4. Yoshy

James waited in a small leather clad room, tributes were taken there so they can share last momments with family and friends. James was waiting for Ewart to come talk to him, apparently they couldn't back out so they needed to figure out a game plan. When Ewart finally came in James was uncertain he had planned anything to help them, he wiped his palms on his shirt for the millionth time.

'James, I've spoken to Kerry. We have no choice but to carry on as planned, I'm going to contact Cherub and work out an exit stratergy.' He handed James a portable tracker. 'Wear this at all times, I'll be watching the games and when it's down to just you we're hoping to dispatch a rescue helicopter and get you out of there.'

'But then how will we capture a member of the Capitol.'

'We've decided to implant a mole inside the Capitol and have them kidnap them that way.'

'Before I leave you, you should know that you'll be training with past winners from your district and the Capitol woman who pulled your names out of that bowl. The district winners are named Paul and Veronica, because you're a boy you'll be trained by Paul, the Capitol woman is called Yoshy.' James sniggered.

'Yoshy?' Ewart cracked a little smile. 'Does she know Mario (!)' James joked.

'Calm down James, people around here have slightly stranger names than we have at home. Also, one last thing before I leave, I want you and Kerry to team up in there, then you have a better chance of surviving.'

'I thought that was the plan all along.' The guard came in to take Ewart away.

'It was, but James don't forget to seperate your feelings about Kerry.'The guard took him away and James was left alone with nothing but his own thoughts.

He met up with Kerry again on the train. It looked like one of those bullet trains from China, but inside was way better than first class. Kerry sat down on one of the plush chairs and picked up an apple, James recognize the woman from earlier, walk in. She walked up to them and shook their hands, James hadnt noticed before but Yoshy was wearing a blue suit with massive shoulderpads and hoop skirt. Judging by the squeal Kerry made, she hadn't realised either.

'Yes, yes, hello, hi. Now I would like to get you both to start your training straight away.' A man and woman came in, deep in coversation. 'Now, as you know James you'll be with Paul and Kerry you'll be with Veronica.'

James stood up and shook Pauls hand, Kerry hugged veronica. At least they looked normal enough, axcept for a sad look in there eyes, they seemd tired and James wondered why they hadn't been taken by the capitol.

'So basically we need to know if you guys want to train together.' James was taken back by how low his voice was, 'And . . . if you guys want to . . . um.' Paul seemed to lose his train of thought, which was suprising because they neither of them could've been over thirty, in fact Paul appeared to be the younger out of the two. Yoshy ushered them away and turned back to James and Kerry.

'I'm sure you can talk to them later, until then I'll have someone show you to your rooms, you'll want to wash up before dinner, which will be served at 1900 hours exactly.' James and Kerry were lead by a young girl dressed in white. they were taken to rooms with an en suite, a bed and a closet full of clothes. James had just finished a shower when Kerry knocked on his door. Before James could say anything she walked in and sat down on his bed.

'Hey?' He said, worried about the clothes he had carefully laid out, now being crinkled by her . . . . cute . . . little . . .

'James, Im worried.' James snapped out of his trance and looked at Kerry, who looked gevuinly concerned.

'Worried, about what?' James had never known Kerry to ever worry about a mission.

'I know we've passed all the tests and stuff but Paul and Veronica don't seem very trustworthy.'

'You mean, they might work for the Capitol?' He struggled to imagine two people such as them, work for the Capitol.

'Didn't you realise James, those two are clearly addicts.' James only now realised she was right, it kind of scared him to think that his life rested in their hands. He sat down next to Kery and put his arm around her, she rested her head on his shoulder.

'I'm sure it will all be fine tomorow.' James felt certain about that. Kerry looked up at him, he stared into her deep brown eyes and before he knew it they were kissing, his hand moving up the back of her top.

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