Crossover - Cherub & Hunger Games

James and Kerry are on a daring mission in America when they suddenly find themselves in a sectioned off city called the Capitol where they meet Katniss Everdeen and Peter Mallark who get them sucked into a battle to the death.


9. Traitor

James stumbled out of the woods with a rabbit in one hand, Alex had set up camp and got a fire started, he then walked over to the far tree and inspected a footprint in the dust.

'I caught a rabbit.' James noted, sitting down to skin it. He looked up when Alex brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. 'Uh, dude?' James was starting to wonder if Alex had all his marbles or not.

'Nicole's left us a trail, she's definatly with Kerry.' He looked at James who had started to skin the rabbit. 'So what's up with you guys.'

'What do you mean?' James felt his fave go red.

'I mean, are you together.' James suddenly felt very aware he was being filmed live.

'I dunno man, she's nice but I think she's more interested in you than me.' Alex laughed.

'Right then, I think I'll have to have a go at that, y'know before the competitopn gets to fierce.'

'What about you?' Alex sat down next to James.

'Me and Nicole? Yeah once but she's hard to get. Plays tricks with your mind.' He tapped his head and luaghed. James put the fire on a stick and put it over the fire.

'Set up the tent.'

'What! but I started the fire.'

'So. I cuaght dinner, AND I'm cooking it.' Alex layed back.

'I'm tracking Kerry and Nicole.' James sighed, he knew Alex wasn't going to make a shelter anytime soon.

When James had finished he stepped away and inspected it.

'There not to bad considering I did it all by myself.'

'Dude, I didn't do it because we're surrounded by houses.' James looked around him.

'Then why are we cooking outside.' Alex opened his eyes and gave James a patronising look.

'Do you want to suffocate? He asked. He went inside a hut and sat down in a huff. 'Don't you want anything to eat?'

'I'm not hungry.' James stropped.

'Ok more for me!'

James leaned back against the sun warmed stone and drifted off into a light sleep. James was disturbed when he heard the sound of a sword being unseathed, he didnt open is eyes fully until he heard them get really close. He opened his eyes and jumped forward, pinning the mystery man to the ground. When he finally got his senses about him he realised it was Alex struggling against James' weight.

'Why did you try to kill me.' He asked, Alex sneered.

'It's the aim of the games isn't it. Kill to live, don't worry Nicole will've killed your precious girlfriend by now.'

James stumbled about on the floor until he found a peice of glass, not as clean as a dagger but it would have to do. He jammed it into Alexs stomach and kept it in until the light faded from his eyes, and ran off into the darkness a plan forming in his mind.

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