Crossover - Cherub & Hunger Games

James and Kerry are on a daring mission in America when they suddenly find themselves in a sectioned off city called the Capitol where they meet Katniss Everdeen and Peter Mallark who get them sucked into a battle to the death.


5. Training

   `James and Kerry were halfway through brekfast when they arrived at the Capitol, James wasn't sure what he expected but suppressed a gasp when he saw the towering buildings. They glinted in the early morning sun, and everywhere he saw people dressed in rediculous clothes, there faces streched and orange, like those older celebrities on tv. Kerry stood behind him, watching as they pulled into the station, when the people saw them they started tasking pictures. James automaticlly put his hands up to cover his face but Kerry pushed them down.

'Don't worry James, their newspapers don't get published to the outside world.'

'I didn't think it would look like this, they look so happy.'

'I doubt they know what's really going on.'

'Oh right because the goverment don't want them knowing they're testing on slaves but a fight to the death, sure (!)' Kerry shook her head with a smile playing on her lips, god how James wanted to kiss her again, but he knew if he wanted to keep her he would have to play it cool, not appear to needy. Yoshy appeared behind them, she hit James in the back.

'Stand up straight.' She orded 'Big smiles all 'round, I'll be taking you straight to your rooms then we'll take you to training.'

'Yeah, 'bout that, what was Paul trying to say to us yesterday.' Yoshy gave James a funny look, she was clearly uncomfortable with Paul and Veronicas . . . . situation.

'Oh yes, we wanted to know if you guys had any special talents, you know somthing we could work on for the arena. It would help if you got high marks in your trials and interviews, we want lots of people to sponser you after all.'

'Sponser?' James asked. Yoshy gave James a patronising look, like the kind teachers gave him when he made a stupid joke. Kerry elbowed him in the ribs.

'You know about sponsers James.' Making her tone clear for him to play along. James faked recognition.

'Oh right sponcers, I guess Im just so overwhelmed at all this.' He gestured to the screaming fans outside, and pulled the classic puppy dog look. It was a risky look but amazingly she bought it, geuss she payed more attention to her wardrobe than she did in school. She looked at James with a mix of pity and a crazy gleam the you saw in super villians.

'Aw that's so sweet.' Then she switched back to buisness mode. 'You can use that to win people over.' She out the door, beckoning her perfectly manicured finger to follow.

'How could you be so stupid, you did read the mission brief didn't you?'

'Yeah of course . . . sorta . . . not really.' Kerry slapped his arm.

'Way to nearly blow the mission doofus.' She said, following Yoshy out the door, James couldn't do much else but follow.

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