Crossover - Cherub & Hunger Games

James and Kerry are on a daring mission in America when they suddenly find themselves in a sectioned off city called the Capitol where they meet Katniss Everdeen and Peter Mallark who get them sucked into a battle to the death.


6. The candidates

James stood in a semi circle, 23 other people surrounded him, including Kerry. To his left was a bunch of butch guys and some lean looking girls. To his right they didn't look nearly so impressive, clearly starving and mal-nourished, James felt sorry for them. He shifted his weight from foot to foot, he could feel the tracker in his shoe. In front of them stood a strong looking woman, she wore a skin tight suit like the rest of them which was riding so far up his arse he could taste it in his mouth.

'Welcome to the Hunger Games. This is the part where you get to test and learn abilities. But remember it's not all about lifting the heaviest sword or hitting the bullseye first, it's important you don't forget the really important stuff like how to start fires or making shelters.' James caught the guy on his far left eyeing him up, he had black hair and piercing blue eyes, he was athletic but not as strong as he might like to think. While the woman was talking James saw Kerry also looking at the guy, she twirled her finger in her hair and shot him a smile, he returned a smug smirk and she looked down at the ground. James nudged her, she looked at him, her cheeks flushed red. When they split to go practise James took her to one side.

'What was all that?' He asked.

'What?' She demanded, James sighed and immitated her, twirling his hai in his fingers and giggling. Kerry tried not to laugh. Behind her James noticed one of the fiiter girls, she had pale skin but dark eyes, and a nice slim body. Kerry clicked infront of his face, snapping him back to her. 'Were'nt you listining, we've got to go to a station, which one do you want to go to first?' James turned around and surveyed the area's.

'How about some fire starting.' He suggested, Kerry gave a snort as they walked on over there.

'Yeah like you need any more tips on starting fires.' James turned back to the fit girl, she gave him a smile and chopped the mainquins head off. James listened to the man best he could but before long his mind wandered back to the girl, cool, dangerous, fit. like Dana.

No, he had to stop thinking about her, but he didn't have to stop thinking about that tasty little tart. After he and Kerry had finished with the fires they were walking across to rope tying when the dark haired boy, the fit girl intercepted them from the middle of the floor. The boy gave James a brief nod then a smile at Kerry, James immediatly decided he didn't like this kid.

'Hi, my names-'

'Alex.' Kerry blurted out, before looking down sheepishly. James gave her a questioning look but she ignored him. 'I watched the reaping on the television.'

'You must be Kerry and James, like I was saying. . . ' He looked at Kerry 'My names Alex and this is my district partner Nicole.' James risked a look at Nicole, she looked confident, in control, it took all of James' self restraint not to look at her body in that tight suit of hers. James looked over and saw some Capitol guards eyeing them up, probably thought they were fighting, nosey knobs.

'Excuse me but it's probably best we got back to training.' James suggested, motioning to the guards. Alex gave him an approving nod, as if James craved his approval. As they walked away, Kerry leaned up and whispered into his ear.

'Listen, we need to show of our skills.'

'Why?' He asked, astonished she suggested it. He started wondering if her feelings were getting in the way of their mission, and what the affect will be in the arena.

'Because they'll make good allies in the arena.' She said, looking back at Alex who was flexing what muscles he had.

'We don't need allies, don't forget why we're here.' James was starting to get angry now.

'Don't worry James I haven't, lets go over to that dagger throwing thing over there.'

'Oh we're using technical terms are we now.' Kerry stormed over to the arena and picked up a knife, before throwing it as hard as she could at the cardboard man, it managed to stick in his head.

'Shut up James.' James decided to shut up.

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