Crossover - Cherub & Hunger Games

James and Kerry are on a daring mission in America when they suddenly find themselves in a sectioned off city called the Capitol where they meet Katniss Everdeen and Peter Mallark who get them sucked into a battle to the death.


7. Interviews

James turned round infront of the mirror, his black suit fitted nicley and was relived to find out he didn't have to wear a corset. His stylest Tammy pushed his back up straight, James found Tammy intimidationg, she wore neon colours and streaked hair, but from what he heard the Capitol tv presenter was even scarier. James saw him earlier and his entire outfit was themed mustard yellow, and with his fake tan he looked like he was gravley ill. Yoshy walked in and circled James as if inspecting a slab of meat.

'Very nice Tammy.' she looked up at James and pursed her lips. 'Don't forget James, you're going for boyish charm but don't make fun of the presenter. If you insult him or make him look stupid you're going to lose popularity ok?' She was starting to sound very patronising, but he nodded and looked back at the mirror. A bell sounded and Tammy started to brush off imaginary specks of dust. 'Right that's your que, Kerry will be waiting outside, someone will show you to the stage.'

James walked out of the room to see Kerry in a black full length dress. Her hair was put up in a high bun and a black neck tie, James felt his mouth go dry.

'Wow.' Was all he could manage.

'I could say the same for you. I don't think I've ever seen you in a suit.' James stood next to her and offered his arm, together a production manager walked them to the stage, their he had to leave Kerry, he turned to the screen. He was amazed by how profesional she was, talking about possible stratergys and what she planned to do if an when she won. When it came to James' turn, he realised how nervous he was, CHERUB's worked hard not to get shown in newspapers or the internet, let alone be interviewed by a massive celebrity to prepare for a televised fight to the death.

He walked up onto the stage and shook the presenters hand.

'Hi James, welcome to the show.' James tried to remember what Yoshy tuaght him, and he leaned back into his chair and folded his legs. He gave a brief nod and smile. 'So how does it feel to be here.'

'Well, what can I say. Fighting for my life against a bunch of strangers.' Oppisite him, the presenter laughed but James could hear it was forced, he looked into the audience and saw Yoshy shaking her head, Paul and Veronica seemed to be in another world altogether.

'Yes very nice, and I must ask, is there anyone special back home.' James panicked, he looked to the camera and imagined Dana watching back home.

'There was one girl, and . . . '

'Yes.' He egged him on.

'She broke my heart.' He admitted. The crowd awed, James took a deep breath and put his brave face back on.

'How James, share with me.' James was about ready to punch this guy of his chair but he knew he had to play along.

'I loved her and she cheated on me with my best friends boyfriend.'

'Since her, have you ever moved on.' James looked out into the audience, imagining Kerry's face looking back.

'There was this one girl, she was my best friend and it's safe to say we're a bit on again off again.' He shot a cheeky grin into the audience. 'And, let's just say it's not going my way.' They laughed together and James looked into the camera. 'If you watching baby' He winked at kissed and the audience went wild. You could bareley hear the buzzer over them.

'Well James it's been a pleasure meeting you James and I have a feeling we've barely scratched the surface of you.'  James shook his hand and walked to where Kerry was standing.

'Hey baby?' She laughed. James shrugged, but was suprised when Kerry pulled him into a hug. 'I didn't realise you felt so passionatly about what happened between you and Dana.' James wondered why she hadn't said anyhting about the last bit, she had known he was talking about her.

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