-To good for me-

Amy is a beautiful 19 year old girl living her Life like every Other Teenager. But when Her parents Bring in An Old friends Son things Change and Amy Knows He's The ONE...


1. ~Introduction~

Hi I'm Amy I'm 19 I am a typicall American Girl. I am Tall My figure well Not the best figure but im Okay With it. I have really long hair. I am what you call a Red Head. Freckled face Green eyes And I'm really outgoing. I am sweet If you know how to treat me! I am single And ready to mingle. But I havent found My prince Charming :( I'm still searching or him. I don't know how i will know who he is but when I find him I'll know. It will all of a sudden not be the gravity the one that keeps me standing it will be him.
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