Stole My Heart

Kristen and Ashley have been taking singing lessons together since they were 7 years old. Finally they get a chance to show their passion for singing while auditioning for the X-Factor. Their musical inspiration, One Direction, just so happens to be their mentor on the show. They offer to give the girls some help to bring them farther in the competition. Will the girls become closer to the boys like they've always imagined or will their dreams become crushed?


2. Stay Together.

Kristen's POV-

I just can't believe that in 6 days me and Ashley would be auditioning for X-Factor! This will be the best experience performing but performing with my best friend, it seems so unreal. Just being on stage one time in front of people will be enough for me even if we don't make it. We will never give up on our dreams no matter what happens.


We are leaving tomorrow to head over to Los Angeles since we are driving most of the way. So me and my family just hang out and have fun to say our goodbyes. 


Ashley's POV-

It's been really exciting just thinking that we will be on our way to our audition in just a few hours. I then begin to gather and pack my things.

Kristen and I start college soon so hopefully we make it a little ways so we can get into a good musical and arts school. Singing is all I want to do in life, so something good should come along sooner or later if this whole X-Factor thing doesn't work out the way I planned it to. Kristen and I will always stay together as an act even if we get told we can do better on our own, we started together and that's how we will end.

She's my best friend and i won't leave her behind and she won't leave me behind either.

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