Stole My Heart

Kristen and Ashley have been taking singing lessons together since they were 7 years old. Finally they get a chance to show their passion for singing while auditioning for the X-Factor. Their musical inspiration, One Direction, just so happens to be their mentor on the show. They offer to give the girls some help to bring them farther in the competition. Will the girls become closer to the boys like they've always imagined or will their dreams become crushed?


1. Our Inspiration

Ashley's POV-


Kristen: " I can't believe we are gonna be on X-Factor! We have been waiting almost our lives for this Ashley, it just doesn't feel real."

Me: " I know, finally everything we have worked for will pay off.

Kristen: " OMG what if when we become big we get to meet and sing with one direction?!"

One Direction has always been a big inspiration on mine and Kristen's music. If I ever met them it would be so amazing! We don't fangirl over them because we wouldnt want people do that to us if we ever made it big. I've always liked Niall out of the band because something about him seems different. He is also really cute and he's irish just like me! 

That night i couldn't fall asleep, all I could think about was meeting the 5 most inspiring boys I will ever meet.

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