"We are still really good friend, we didn't let the fact we had a bad spilt destroy our friendship."

Amanda Fawner just finished her first world tour, with the famous One Direction. She left the fragile broken girl and came back the strong independent woman she is today. Amanda has changed for what she thinks is for the better, but others think for the worse. She feels free, alive, and confident, but there are people who would do anything to watch her crumble to her knees again. People who are not afraid to end not only her career, but her just to see her fall. Now she has to not only keep up the act of still being friends with the one boy she can't forget, but she also has to fight against a force who would do anything to win. Amanda just got back from a world wide journey, but her journey has only just began.


8. New Character:

I need a new character and I am letting you guys create it...So all you need to do is fill out the follow parts: 

Your username: 

Your name: 

Character's Name: 

Character's appearance: 

Character's fashion style: 

Character's hobbies: 

Instrument Character plays (Must be included): 

Who (actor wise) will be playing your character: 


You can comment it below

message me on Kik (@FallingForYou21)

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or... email me:


The deadline is 03.01.13 

Thank you to everyone that enters...if you can send me a picture of what you want you character to look like that would help a lot! THANK YOU! 

~Victoria XD 

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