"We are still really good friend, we didn't let the fact we had a bad spilt destroy our friendship."

Amanda Fawner just finished her first world tour, with the famous One Direction. She left the fragile broken girl and came back the strong independent woman she is today. Amanda has changed for what she thinks is for the better, but others think for the worse. She feels free, alive, and confident, but there are people who would do anything to watch her crumble to her knees again. People who are not afraid to end not only her career, but her just to see her fall. Now she has to not only keep up the act of still being friends with the one boy she can't forget, but she also has to fight against a force who would do anything to win. Amanda just got back from a world wide journey, but her journey has only just began.


9. Just Flirt


Chapter 4 

~Louis' POV~ 

"Come on Lou, stop just laying around let's go do something fun!" Harry whines from beside me as we sat on the couch. The tour ended about three days ago and we all decided to fly out to California for a few days before heading back home. Or at least that was what everyone else was doing. I had been just been laying around the rented beach house for the last couple of days after Amanda's performance at MSG. After seeing her fall to her knees in defeat after her last song had literally left me heartbroken. I knew that our breakup had affected her, but I never imagined it had hurt her so much. 

"I am not feeling too well Harry I think I'll just home today." I said before returning my attention to whatever was the screen of the telly. 

"It's because you haven't gone out you have been in this house for way too long. There's this really cool Air Fair a few miles away we were all planning on going." Liam said jumping into mine and Harry's conversation after walking into the living room full dressed. All of them also meant Amanda and I don't think I was ready to see her just yet. Every time I saw her, heard her name mentioned, or even just thought of her I felt a stab of guilt hit my heart. 

"I don't know." I said before sighing and turning off the TV since I knew that I was just wasting electricity at this point. Honestly the only thing I wanted to do at this moment was go talk to Amanda. I want to clear everything up; I want to tell her that I didn't leave her because I got bored of her or because I didn't love her. I want to go tell that it was all management that they had loved the effect our short break-up had the first time that they ruined my happiness and threatened her to get a bigger effect. 

"Come on Lou, no more just sitting around it's time to go out." Liam says while grabbing my arm and pulling me off the couch and onto the ground. It was clear that he wasn't going to take no as an answer so I allowed him to drag me into the room I had been staying in. "Go get changed." He commanded before shutting my door behind him. "I locked it from the outside and I am not letting you out until you get changed." Liam yelled before I hear his footsteps walking away from my door. Since I knew there was no possible way of getting out of going with them to this air show I decided to go take a shower and get changed. After a quick shower I change into a pair of dark wash jean, a black t-shirt and a pair of grey Vans. 

"LIAM!" I shout hoping that he hadn't walked out of the house. After a few more tries I finally hear footsteps that stop at my front door. I hear the jingle of keys and watch as Liam opens the door, but when the door finally opens it's not Liam who is standing there. "Amanda?" 

"They left without us so if you want you can catch a ride with me or a cab your choice." She said with a soft smile which reminded me of the ones that she used to give me back when we were friends. It seemed so surreal that Amanda was standing in her usual skinny jeans and t-shirt asking if I want to catch a ride with her. We barely even spoke anymore not after our breakup and here she is asking if I needed a ride. 

"Do you mind if I ride with you?" I asked making sure she was actually okay with it or if it was something the boys were making her do. 

"If I wasn't okay with it I wouldn't have come and asked you in the first place so yeah I am okay with it." She said letting yet another heartwarming smile form on her pink lips. It was just so hard to believe that Amanda was here asking me if I needed a ride. "So you ready to go?" She asked while giving her keys that had been in her hands a small shake.  

"Oh yeah, let me just grab my phone and wallet." I said awkwardly following her back towards the living room where my wallet and phone sat. I pick them off the coffee table while meeting Amanda at the front door where she stood texting on her phone until she saw me.  

"Now are you ready to go?" She asks chuckling a bit at me I give her a small nod and follow her out of the beach house to her black BMW that she drove here. I had always loved that car not only because of the style of the car but because of the memories it held. Me and Amanda had gone and bought that car together after Amanda had insisted on dragging me along car shopping with her. 

We pull out of the driveway of the beach house and head down the street where after about a silent ten minutes of driving Amanda pulls over. "I don't know about you, but I am starving." She before unbuckling her seat belt and getting out of the car. "Come on, I'll even pay." She chuckles before walking away from the car towards the entrance of the diner cafe she pulled up to. After a while I unbuckle myself and follow her into the cafe where she already seated at a booth with two menus on the table. Seeing her so peacefully sitting there waiting for me brings the stabbing pain back. I had been the entire reason behind her sudden personality change after our breakup. Even though it wasn't my idea, I was still responsible for her pain and hatred, but it made me happy that she looked so happy. She looked so peacefully with her small thin fingers drumming against the table top in a soft rhythm and the way she would keep her eyes locked on a certain object for longer than a few seconds. I was scared to walk over to her and to see her change from this to her angry and pained side. I felt like I was with a small deer where one wrong move would lead to scaring it away. "Are you going to sit down?" She asked motioning to seat in front of her, stunning me out of my thoughts. Honestly I didn't want to take a seat, because I didn't want to look at her close up and see the hidden emotions that swirled in her eyes, but I also didn't want to ruin her good mood by refusing to sit down. So after a few more seconds of just standing there I took a seat across from Amanda. We picked up our menus and after about few minutes Amanda puts her's down signaling she was ready to order.  

"What are you going to get?" I ask her when I feel her eyes staring at me while I mindlessly looked through the menu. I had already chosen what I wanted to get, but I was too scared to look back at Amanda.  

"I think I am gonna get a burger and some fries." She said while a timid smile on her pink lips.  

"Typical American Amanda." I teased her as I put my menu down as well.  

"Well I am American have to keep my nations traditions going." She said before moving her eye sight from me to outside where cars drove by. "Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you weren't famous? If you were just other normal citizen driving by?" She asked stilling looking out at the cars that were driving by.  

"Yeah, all the time." I said instantly replying to her. "But then I remember of all the amazing people I have met because of the fame." I said and this seemed to capture Amanda's attention right away.  

"Really like who?" She said looking me straight in the eyes with complete honesty in her eyes. I was hoping that what I was going to say next wouldn't scare poor Amanda away. I was hoping that the next words that came out of my mouth helped fixed the broken relationship that we had.  

"You." I said and Amanda's eyes widen. After a few seconds she opens her mouth to say something, but the waitress bears her to it.  

"Hi how can I help you-oh God, you're Louis Tomlinson and Amanda Fawner." She said her eyes widening in recognition. 


~Third Person POV~  

Mackenzie watched as the young girl walked into the cafe with her guitar case in hand. After a bit of searching the young girl finally locks eyes with Mackenzie's dark blue eyes.  

"I didn't think you would make it." Mackenzie said letting a soft smile grace her lipstick covered lips.  

"I was running a bit late." She young girl excused herself before setting her guitar down and having a seat across Mackenzie. "So what is it exactly that I have to do?" She asked the newly dyed brunette.  

"It's simple all you have to do is go to perform capture Amanda's attention." Mackenzie shrugged as if it was the simplest thing in the world, but the young girl knew that a task like that was close to impossible.  

"Amanda? Amanda who?" She replied hoping that it wasn't who he believed it was.  

"Amanda Fawner." Mackenzie replied while turning and watching the realization of what Mackenzie wanted her to do.  

"When you said that your husband had been stolen by a celebrity you hadn't been kidding have you?" The young girl asked finally realizing what was going on.  

"No I hadn't been kidding, Amanda Fawner had literally stolen my boyfriend. Now I am making you a deal if you help me get my husband back, I will personally make sure that you get signed." The brunette offered and this instantly made the young girl's attention turn fully to her.  

"If I help you get your husband back, you'll give me a record deal?" She asked making sure she had heard Mackenzie correctly.  

"Of course, I am willing to give you whatever you want in exchange for your help." Mackenzie said while folding her arms across the small cafe table.  

"What do I do after I capture Amanda's attention?" The young girl asked suddenly fully on board with the idea of being offered a record deal.  

"Flirt." Mackenzie said unfolding her arms and picking up her bag from the seat next to her.  

"Flirt? Is that all I have to do just flirt? How the hell is that going to help you get your husband back." The young girl said urgently trying to make Mackenzie stop packing.  

"Amanda doesn't love my husband she merely likes him because he's so desperately after her. She loves that one band boy who she dated, flirt with him. Once she sees that she is being threatened she will retaliate. She'll be so desperate to get band boy back that she get stupid. She'll leave Carter in desperation of losing her love." Mackenzie explained to the young girl as she stood up as well.  

"Flirt. Just flirt an everything will work itself out?" The young girl asked and Mackenzie only nodded her head the girl who finally realized her plan.  

"Just flirt." Mackenzie said one more time before walking towards the exit of the cafe before stopping only a few feet away. "I didn't catch your name, what was it?"  

"Hayley,Hayley Summers." The young black haired girl said.


Author's Note: 

Rawr. Just Rawr. I uploaded this on my ipod and I just went back and bolded everything and added my little author's note(: Nothing really important to say other than...on the 17th I SHALL BE TURNING 61!! 

Okay so not 61...I am turning 16! MERP!


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