"We are still really good friend, we didn't let the fact we had a bad spilt destroy our friendship."

Amanda Fawner just finished her first world tour, with the famous One Direction. She left the fragile broken girl and came back the strong independent woman she is today. Amanda has changed for what she thinks is for the better, but others think for the worse. She feels free, alive, and confident, but there are people who would do anything to watch her crumble to her knees again. People who are not afraid to end not only her career, but her just to see her fall. Now she has to not only keep up the act of still being friends with the one boy she can't forget, but she also has to fight against a force who would do anything to win. Amanda just got back from a world wide journey, but her journey has only just began.


7. Interview:

What's your favorite color?

•Amanda: I have a lot of favorite colors I think my top two are gold and purple. 

Fav activity?

•Amanda: I like to play the guitar and takes pictures, photography has always been my second passion.

Pet peeve?

•Amanda: Probably people who lie or act like they are someone else. 

How would you describe yourself? (personality wise)

•Amanda: I would like to think of myself as funny and nice, but that my opinion. 

How would your friends describe you?

•Amanda: I don't know let's ask Niall.

Niall: I think Amanda is a complete bully and no one likes her. 


Niall: I AM KIDDING! She's very sweet and even though people say she doesn't care she truly does. 

If you weren't famous, what you be doing right now?

•Amanda: I would probably be at Uni as the boys call it studying photography. 

Fav memory?

•Amanda: Probably when I got to meet Ed Sheeran for the first time ever. He is literally one of my biggest inspirations and he is my idol. 

If a movie was made about you, who would play you? 

• Amanda: Lucy Hale she seems nice. 

What do you for in a guy?

•Amanda: Someone who can make me laugh and is trustworthy.   

What's the biggest mistake you ever made?

•Amanda: that one is hard because I have made so many mistakes in my life, but I think allowing people in when they didn't deserve it. 

What happened to Mackenzie? 

•Carter: We are currently working out the final details of our divorce. I haven't heard much from her, I have only had contact with her lawyers not her. 


Author's Note: 

Make sure to comment your questions if you guys have anymore...and SHOUT OUT TO @ Max is Fluffy Falconson for sending in a question and to @usacait for the majority of the questions! LOVE YOU GUYS! And for those of you wondering what happened to Mackenzie don't worry she will be coming back very soon. 

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