You Tell Me

Weird things always happen when19-year-old Pearl's best friend since birth Zayn Malik comes to visit. And no it's not just because he's in ONE DIRECTION. She and Zayn ( as well as Harry, Niall, and Louis) always end up in each arms if you know what I mean.************** 13+, please*****************


2. Zayn

"This is my favorite show" Zayn said and turned up the volume on the t.v. I looked at him "Really Z really?" "What?" "I'm trying to study, over here" "Well, study faster" "I would be already, if you would help me" Zayn looked at me and I stared at him for 30 seconds before busting  out laughing . "But Z for real I need your help"  "Pearl I don't know anything about that stuff " "Zayn, all you need to do is read the questions and the answers, if I'm right tell me but, if I'm wrong mark it in the book" "Alright, get over here" I smiled, grabbed the book and a highlighter, then went over to Zayn. He was laying shirtless on my couch, I handed him the book and sat on the floor. "P, what are you doing?" "Zayn you know I've a New Year's thingy, not to cheat" "Oh no" "Oh, yes so... get in the studying position" Zayn smiled and slid on the floor, I shuffled between his legs, shifted my long black hair to the left and played with the tips."Question #1 5,000 blank are part of water problems?" "Easy one, FLOODS." "Okay" "Question #2; What is the largest country in Asia?" "China... Zayn give me harder questions" "Sooo, numbers 1-4 are easy?" "yea, super" " Kay, question 5; WWPD I-" "WORLD-WIDE Pollution Distress" "No, shut-up, you didn't let me finish" "Sorry, Mr. Malik" "WWPD if Z did this?" "So, not WORLD-WIDE Pollution Distress" "No Pearl, it stands for... What Would pearl do if Zayn did this?" "Do what?" Zayn leaned  in and placed a soft, warm kiss on my neck, right in the hotspot. I closed my eyes a little; "Pearl would move away from Zayn while telling him to stop playing, I've got a big test coming up and I need to pass it" Zayn leaned in again but this time he put his strong arms around  me, his warm hand locking into place around my midriff. I cursed my black tank top it never stayed in place. "Zayn would say that there is always time for a little break" Then placed his lips on my neck while one of his hands slid up my top and he took a tight hold of my boob, the other hand made its was down into my sweatpants. Zayn played with outside of my yellow lace boy shorts, I closed my eyes and put my head on Zayn's shoulder all while my head was spinning with questions. "What is he doing?" "What am I doing" "Why am I letting him do this?" I knew the answer to that one it was because Zayn scared me when he was angry. Once when we were kids, I had a candy bar and Zayn wanted it, I said 'NO!' and ... well lets leave it at that, the very last time I said to Zayn. I was pulled out of my thoughts by something entering me, I gasped and felt Zayn smile on my neck. I didn't even feel the tight fabric of my boyshorts being pulled away from me. Zayn shoved one of his fingers into my entrance and was slowly sliding it in and out, my breathing started to hitch and my heart started to pound "Pearl, are you okay?'' Before I could answer, he put shoved another finger inside of me; I let out a light moan and he pushed in and out of me. "Umm...  Zayn?" I called him, "Yea, babe?" "Please stop." "Why, love" "Because we're friends and this is weird" Zayn only kissed my cheek and pump in and out of me faster, in my head I knew he was violating me but, I was staring not to care... (Yup, I was enjoying my best friends fingering me), My house phone rang and Zayn stopped, I softly cursed as his fingers slid out of me. "GET THE DAMN PHONE!!" I got up without a word and ran to the phone. "Hello" "Hi, this is May from the Happy car lot, is this Mrs. Johnson?" "I'm sorry you have the number" "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for brothering you ma'am" "Oh it was no pro-."DON"T EVER CALL THIS PHONE AGAIN!!!" Zayn said a slammed the phone back on the hook. "Zayn that was very ru-OH MY GOD!!... Z PUT ME DOWN." "SHUT THE HELL" Now I'll admit I was no match for the 'Put Me Down' part, my 102 to his 118 plus his toned arms but, I could talk if I wanted too. "I think you should call Ms. May and say sorry, I was going to hang u- OW!!" "I said, Shut up" Zayn has smacked me on my bum-HARD-  We had entered my room, he put  me on the bed and kissed. His lips were warm and soft and perfectly molding to mine; as he lay on top of me I could feel him through the loose fabric of his own sweatpants.  Zayn took off my shirt exposing my red lace bra, he slowly kissed my stomach all the way down to my pants line. I smiled to myself as he kissed across my pant line until, he took them off.  A light moan left my lips as Zayn's fingers softly ran down my thighs and my legs. Zayn tossed my pants to the side and began to kiss my inner thighs, I ran my fingers through his quiff as he pulled my shorts away. "P, what's this?" I blushed. Seven months ago I had gotten a ring... you know... down there. (I didn't care what my friends said it didn't hurt at all) "Zayn, don't play  with my ring." "Fine" he said with a devilish grin and slipped his tounge  passed my folds, I moaned loudly then felt a slight tug. I moaned louder it hurt but, it felt good, "Zayn Malik!", I told you not to play with my ring" "Sorry, love you got it" "Not for you to play with through " "But, you like it?" A statement he meant to ask but it sounded more like a question, a question that I answered "Yes" He kissed me, I was loving the heat coming from his body; Zayn rolled so that I was on top of him. I smiled and kissed all over his stomach, down to his pant line, taking them off he grew a bit bigger next thing to be removed from Mr. Malik was his boxers and once those we off... well...I did him a good deed. Taking his length in my hand, I stroked, Zayn closed his eyes and smiled. Then, I put my in my mouth ( 3/4ths of him, anyway) I stroked what didn't fit. "My good God, Pearl" was all he could say, I felt his hands tangle in my hair and he was soon in sync with the bobbing of my head. I felt him twitch so, I pulled up "Lie down" Zayn ordered and I obeyed without a word, he laid on top of me and played with each of my nipples, I wrapped my legs around his waist and smiled as his length teased my entrance, I couldn't take it anymore. "Z, hurry up, don't be mean" "So the means of being that we are friends aren't playing a factor anymore" "Nope" "Good" then he pushed himself into me, I gasped and closed my eyes "Oh my gosh, Zayn" I could feel him smile on my neck, he didn't give time to adjust. Pumping in and out, it felt good. "Z-Za-Zay-ZAYN!!" I cried as he pushed deeper into me. Zayn shifted again this time placing a firm grip on my hips while bucking his up  to me.  I sat up and pressed my lips together, holding in moan; I ran my fingers through the top of my head and flipped it to the right even though the bouncing I was doing made it fall back in my face. At this point I had forgotten everything, I was only focused on the pleasure that was running throughout my body. Domination is not really in my nature, I wanted Zayn to take over so I rolled this time; he didn't mind. His thrust got deeper and harder, he started throbbing and I was getting close. "Zayn, I'm so close" "Hold it"  I bit my bottom lip so hard that I tasted blood. My inner walls were closing around him, "Zayn, Zayn PLEASE!" "Are you sure?" He asked teasing. "Zayn!!"  He pulled close and kissed my neck..."Now" I let go of an orgasm and a loud moan and soon felt Zayn come after me. "Pearl, you were amazing" "Yea, you too" I got up an wrapped myself in the sheet. "Thanks, for the break" I said trying not to show any confusing. "You are very welcome" I grabbed more clothes and went to take a shower, Leaving my best friend, In my bed.

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