You Tell Me

Weird things always happen when19-year-old Pearl's best friend since birth Zayn Malik comes to visit. And no it's not just because he's in ONE DIRECTION. She and Zayn ( as well as Harry, Niall, and Louis) always end up in each arms if you know what I mean.************** 13+, please*****************


1. The Run-Down

Hi Hi, my name is Pearl, I'm 19 going to college studying the major of music and I have five friends... WHO JUST HAPPEN TO BE THE FAMOUS ONE DIRECTION. Zayn is my best friend I've known him since birth and the rest of the guys (Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis) I know because of Zayn. I always like when they came to see me but, sometimes they come at bad times like... well, I don't kno-... Yes I do; the come when I need to buckle down and study hard (Oh My Gosh, I am turning into my English teacher) But, I never see them all at once... I mean they never come to my house all at once always one at a time ( except for Liam, he never come over). When they visit and come over, things get very, very weird. I don't know what it is maybe they come on a full moon or there's something in the water, let me know what you think. But, I first have to give you a little heads up it's a little bit of sexual........ Okay, Okay I'm not going to lie to you it's a -lot of sexual so, please 13 + and I'm not kidding Tell Me What You Think.

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