You Tell Me

Weird things always happen when19-year-old Pearl's best friend since birth Zayn Malik comes to visit. And no it's not just because he's in ONE DIRECTION. She and Zayn ( as well as Harry, Niall, and Louis) always end up in each arms if you know what I mean.************** 13+, please*****************


3. NO!

Show want do you think of that? I didn't ask why, after I got out of the shower. I just pretended not to mind. No we didn't cuddle, laugh, and say I love when I got out of the shower either. I went back to studying and Zayn went back to watching t.v on the couch. Zayn left a few minutes, telling me to have a good-night and giving me a hug and I went to bed. My room had the faint of our little "break"

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