Spanish Styles?

Spain... A warm, relaxing place and A great place to hang out with friends, right?
Wrong!!! When Abbi and her friends,Ella, Sophie, Abbie and Katie, visit during a school trip they're all expecting it to be a nice holiday but due to a crush on a certain someone, Abbi finds herself spending more time with him than her friends. Will this get in the way of their friendship? Read to find out...


5. Chapter 5

The next day I woke up and all the girls were dressed, I said to them 'Why are you guys already dressed?!' and they said 'it's 12 O'clock! What time did you go to sleep?' I replied 'Really? Omg! Are the boys ready too?' 'yep!' Katie said.

I forced myself out of bed and got dressed, today I had my pink shorts and a white top that had pink and blue birds on from select and my jack wills flip flops. I had some coffe and a ceral bar to wake me up then went down to the main entrance to meet up with the rest of the group. The teachers announced that we were going to a theme park!

It only took 10mims to get there. We had to stay in groups as it was massive, us ten just stayed together. We all went on this massive rollercoaster, where you had to sit in twos. So I went with Harry and the rest of them just stood there. I turned round and said 'zayn goes with Katie, Ella goes with Louis, Sophie goes with Niall and Abbi goes with Liam?' they agreed and got on. Harry held my hand and told me it was incase I get scared but I think he was more scared than me! After a few more rides we spent about half an hour trying to find the toilets. We eventually did and Ella told me that she wanted me to talk to Louis about her liking him. Of course I said yes, she's one of my best friends. I washed my hands and joined the rest of our group. On the way to the water rides I mentioned that Ella likes Louis to Harry, who's best friends with Louis so I asked him to talk to about it. I also asked Abbie how it was going with Liam and she replied 'Not great!' I asked her why and she burst out crying! The boys noticed and Liam gave her a hug... She smiled and hugged him back.

Us five girls went on the log flume whilst the boys stood and took photos at the bottom then they went and we took photos of them.

The day went really quick and it was soon time to go but we had all enjoyed it and couldn't wait to find out what the evening activity was.
On the journey back to the hotel, I noticed that Ella was sat next to Louis and they were both laughing!
I smiled at her a gave her a thumbs up and she did the same to me. Abbie and Liam were also sat next to each other. The teachers told us as soon as we got back, that we were all going to a party in the town centre!!!

We went back to our rooms and us girls went straight to the bathroom to do our makeup! Then we spent about an hour choosing a dress and swapping shoes. The boys had told us that when we were ready we had to knock twice on the wall and they would come and collect us! We all knocked at the same time to make sure they heard it. Niall opened the door and said 'WoW!' as he looked at us all. Me and Sophie blushed a bit but he only noticed Sophie and winked at her. Zayn came in next and smiled at us, he then went and stood inbetween Sophie and Katie. Liam came next and said 'you all look stunning!' we all said thank you at the same time, which made us giggle. Then he went and stood next to Abbie and kissed her on the cheek.
Louis came next and said 'holy fu.. Fudge cakes!' he said whilst smiling at us. He then walked to Ella and kissed her. Harry came last and smiled at us all and said 'right then who's ready to go!' before kissing me and telling me I look beautiful.
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