Spanish Styles?

Spain... A warm, relaxing place and A great place to hang out with friends, right?
Wrong!!! When Abbi and her friends,Ella, Sophie, Abbie and Katie, visit during a school trip they're all expecting it to be a nice holiday but due to a crush on a certain someone, Abbi finds herself spending more time with him than her friends. Will this get in the way of their friendship? Read to find out...


4. Chapter 4

Walked down to the beach, set up the barbecue and blankets and now we're all sunbathing whilst the boys and the rest of our class are in the sea. Harry came up to us all and told us a few jokes to make us laugh, asked if we wanted to join them in the sea then sat down next to me and smiled at me. We all just sat in the sun until the barbecue was ready. When it was ready I had a hot dog and Harry Went over the road to a shop to 'apparently' get some more bread buns but he got me a drink and a bracelet! I said thank you to him and gave him a hug. The bracelet was a pink/peach and had silver diamonds around the top. 'I love it and I love you!' I said. After that pretty much everyone went to sunbathe but us ten went in the sea! Harry was splashing me but noticed I was rubbing my eyes because of the salt so he stopped, gave me a hug and asked if I was alright, 'yeah I'm fine.' I replied. My bikini was red and had white love hearts on it.Harry had blue stripy shorts on and he looked so fit! After that we got dry and just walked back in our swimming stuff. I walked with Harry and he held my hand all the way, until we got to our room and the girls kicked him out because they wanted to get changed.

That night I stayed up for ages because I couldn't stop thinking about Harry, then I remembered I got his number on the plane. I heard his phone beep next door, he replied straight away saying 'why you still up babe? <3' So I replied 'can't stop thinking about you! ;)' We had a conversation for hours until we realised what time it was and decided to go to sleep...
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