Spanish Styles?

Spain... A warm, relaxing place and A great place to hang out with friends, right?
Wrong!!! When Abbi and her friends,Ella, Sophie, Abbie and Katie, visit during a school trip they're all expecting it to be a nice holiday but due to a crush on a certain someone, Abbi finds herself spending more time with him than her friends. Will this get in the way of their friendship? Read to find out...


3. Chapter 3

I woke up and realised we were just about to land, I woke Harry up and told him to look out of the window. The thought came through my head about how stupid we must look, as I was practically on top of him whilst trying to look out of the window and Harry was just sat there saying wow, ace, cool! Oh well we are who we are!

We went through security and got on the coach to our hotel. I was going to sit next to Sophie to tell her about me and Harry but we had to sit next to the person we sat next to on the plane, which wasn't really a bad thing to be honest! It only took about 15mins to get there. When we arrived we got told that in the rooms there was 5 people! The task now was to decide who was in which room...

After 10minutes of arguing, we sorted it out. In our room was: me, Katie, Ella, Sophie and Abbie. I knew there would be arguments about who goes in the bathroom first!

The teachers came round each room to tell everybody that we had to be ready for a barbecue on the beach at 2 for our dinner. I asked Niall what time it was and he said 'Eeerrmm... 12:32.' I said thanks and ran back to tell the girls. We spent ages unpacking and choosing what to wear. I just put a bikini underneath the clothes I was wearing already, Sophie, Ella and Abbie did the same but Katie wanted to get changed. After that we just sat in a circle on the floor and started talking about the boys next door. I told them everything that happened on the journey here and they all said 'Aawww'!' and 'your soooo cute together!' Once I'd finished talking Sophie blurted out that she has a crush on Niall! We were all like 'OOO!' she just laughed and told us to shut up. We must have been a bit loud as Niall came in and said 'what!?' Katie told him what Sophie had said and he raised his eyebrows up and down at Sophie then slid back through the door! Sophie was annoyed with Katie but I was explaining to her that that's what happened with me and Harry and it worked. She agreed with me and everything was fine. So we carried on talking about boys and it was Ella's turn to talk. She told the girls that she fancies Louis but I already knew that because she told me at the start of the year. When everyone had talked, it turns out that I love Harry (obviously), Ella likes Louis, Katie likes zayn, Abbie likes Liam and Sophie likes Niall!

Sorry this story's a bit... Boring but I wrote it ages ago!!! I've wrote some others recently and once this is finished ill upload those:) ~ Abbi <333
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