Spanish Styles?

Spain... A warm, relaxing place and A great place to hang out with friends, right?
Wrong!!! When Abbi and her friends,Ella, Sophie, Abbie and Katie, visit during a school trip they're all expecting it to be a nice holiday but due to a crush on a certain someone, Abbi finds herself spending more time with him than her friends. Will this get in the way of their friendship? Read to find out...


15. Chapter 15

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, got dance Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays plus I've had loads of homework and had my phone taken off me:( xxxx ~ Abbi

Katie and her mum, sister and brother came over as Janine and Anne were sisters. Harry picked up Sam (Katie's brother) and tickled him. Sam laughed as Harry put him back on the floor. 'Abbi!' Sam shouted, whilst grabbing my leg.
I laughed and held his hand. Then Katie held his other hand and we shouted 1,2,3... And lifted him up. Harry was smiling and said 'let me have a go.' So me and Harry shouted 1,2,3 than lifted him up again, but this time he went higher. We carried on until Katie's family were going home and my mum and dad came back. 'Right then, We should be going now Abbi, have you said bye to everyone?' My mum asked.
'No but I'll go now.' I replied. I grabbed Harry's hand and we ran around saying goodbye to everyone, we even shouted thank you to the teachers.
We were walking back to our parents when Harry stopped me...
'I love you, and I always will.' He whispered before kissing me. 'I love you too!' I whispered back, whilst smiling. We carried on walking, until we got back to our parents who were saying bye to each other. 'Ill text you later.' Said Harry, as him and his mum walked over to their car. I nodded and walked over to my car with my parents.

On the way home I fell asleep. I dreamt about us 10 when we were older, living in a massive house, together. Me and Harry getting married, Children, it was like my whole life was already planned. However I knew it was just a dream and that when we were older we would grow apart and go our own, separate ways...
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