Spanish Styles?

Spain... A warm, relaxing place and A great place to hang out with friends, right?
Wrong!!! When Abbi and her friends,Ella, Sophie, Abbie and Katie, visit during a school trip they're all expecting it to be a nice holiday but due to a crush on a certain someone, Abbi finds herself spending more time with him than her friends. Will this get in the way of their friendship? Read to find out...


13. Chapter 13

I sat next to Harry on the plane, Sophie and Niall were behind us and Ella and Louis were in front of us. Niall went to sleep after about 15 minutes on the plane, then Sophie then Ella. So it was just me, Harry and Louis... 'draw something on Niall's face!?' said Harry
'like what? 'i asked.
'Eeerrmm, I don't know... What about...oh no doesn't matter, why don't we see how many things we can balance on his face before he wakes up?' he replied.
'yeah!' said Louis excitedly. So me and Harry reached over the back of our seats and started placing sweets, paper, wrappers and random things on Niall's face. We managed to put 10 sweets, 2 sheets of paper and about 50 wrappers on his face before he woke up and moaned 'errrr! What the fuck are you doing?'
' Louis told us to!' Harry said and we both pointed at louis, who laughed like a girl and gave Niall a high five. Niall just laughed, flicked everything off his face and went back to sleep again. I soon felt exhausted and told Harry I was going to go to sleep so he put his arm around me whilst I nodded off.

I woke up and looked around for the time. I noticed one of the flight attendants was walking down the aisle so I just asked her. She told me it was 9:55, I'd only been asleep for 35 minutes! I sighed and played with Harry's hair for a while until someone else woke up. I could never get back to sleep once I'd woken up and it really annoyed me. I listened to music, played temple run and angry birds, looked through all the photos from the trip, played with Harry's hair, took random photos on Harry's phone (because he did on mine), I even made up a dance routine in my head to a song on my phone. I waited for a good hour until Niall woke up. I turned around to talk to him, being carful not to wake Harry up though.
'Whats up?' Asked Niall because he had noticed I was looking bored and tired. 'Oh nothing much... I just went to sleep for 30 minutes then tried to entertain myself for an hour but it failed and now I'm really moody and tired! Other than that nowt.' I replied sarcastically. Niall laughed and gave me a hug through the gap between our seats. Niall was definitely one of my best mates. He always made me laugh or feel happy. He understands me. He listens and he's good at giving advice... And he tells me about Harry! He passed me his iPod and told me I could listen to that, as it helped him get to sleep so it might work for me. I chose a song from the list and closed my eyes. I thought about the trip, Harry, seeing my family again, josh Devine and my friends. It worked...
When I woke up we had just landed so I quickly have Niall his iPod back and said thanks as it really did help me sleep. I looked around and everyone else was awake. 'Are you alright?' Asked Harry whilst stroking my cheek. 'Yes, why wouldn't I be?!' I answered, confused. 'You've been asleep for ages, I wasn't sure if you we're asleep or unconscious!' He replied whilst Laughing. I laughed and hugged him. 'See I'm ok, definitely not unconscious!' I told him. We both gathered our hand luggage so we were ready to get off and put our coats on, ready for the amazing British weather! We all stepped off the plane and walked along the path to the airport. I was shivering because there was ice and some areas were covered in snow! So Harry wrapped his jacket around me and hugged me tight until we reached the shiny, glass building.

When we were allowed to leave the rest of the class, us ten went to Starbucks coffee to get hot drinks to warm us up. I got a mocha whilst the other girls got hot chocolates and lattes and the boys got hot chocolates and tea. There was one table left so Abbie and Ella ran to get it however there were only 8 seats. So i sat on Harry's knee and Sophie sat on Niall's. Harry kept whispering things in my ear but I couldn't quite understand what he was saying... I kept asking him what he wanted but he just carried on. I quite liked it to be honest! It tickled in my ear. He whispered something else but a bit louder so I managed to understand him this time. 'Kiss me?' He said. So I smiled and kissed him on the lips. 'Nothing else?' He added.
'Not yet, maybe when we get home?' I whispered to him. 'Ok.' Harry replied.

After Starbucks, we all walked around and looked in all the different shops. We went into boots and tested all the perfumes whist the boys helped us choose the nicest one.
I sprayed quite a few onto different tester sheets and let Harry smell them. 'I like them all but the nicest one has to be... That one.' He said before pointing to the Taylor swift wonderland perfume. 'I like that one too, but its only just come out and it's expensive!' I said and showed him the price tag. 'Oh well I can lend you some money if you want? Or I could buy you it as a birthday present and save it till next month?' He offered. 'Really? Thank you so much!' I replied excitedly before kissing him and hugging him really tight. Harry laughed and said 'its okay, just a good job I love you!' I smiled and picked up a bottle of taylor swift perfume. Once we had all payed for our things we went with the boys to a shop of their choice. Which was of course...
'NANDO'S!' Shouted Niall. So we all set off for nando's.

We ordered 10 chicken wings and most of us got a chicken wrap but Liam, Ella and Katie got a burger.
We were originally sat near a window but we didn't like the fact that everyone was looking in the through the windows, so we found another table in a corner and me, Ella and zany sat down and saved all 10 seats. 'So are you and Katie okay?' I asked zayn.
' yep, she's amazing. What about you and Harry?' He answered.
'Oh we're fine, it's just a shame he's not in any of my lessons at school.' I replied. 'There's only 2 weeks of school left, until we go into 6th form.' Noted Ella. 'Oh yeah! We're all around the same level so we should be in most of the same lessons.' I said. The others came back with the food and drinks so we stopped talking and tucked in! Even though we had all had a hot drink, we were still hungry. Niall loves nando's, he's even got a nando's black card which means he uses that to get free food!
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