Spanish Styles?

Spain... A warm, relaxing place and A great place to hang out with friends, right?
Wrong!!! When Abbi and her friends,Ella, Sophie, Abbie and Katie, visit during a school trip they're all expecting it to be a nice holiday but due to a crush on a certain someone, Abbi finds herself spending more time with him than her friends. Will this get in the way of their friendship? Read to find out...


12. Chapter 12

Hey, this is Harry and Louis... We stole your phone whilst you were asleep! So when you wake up baby you'll be able to see this!!! Oh and I just wanted to let you know that your...
• fit
• sexyyyyy!
• beautiful
• amazing
• funny
• and mine forever! Xxxxxx
Lots of love Harry ;)

Hi, it's louis!!! Harry's mine so keep away from him... Forget habbi, it's larry! :D hahaha lol I'm only joking, love you really! Oh and remember to use protection coz you know what Harry's like!!! Love from your sexiest friend ever, Louis tommo tomlinson xoxoxoxoxox

They wrote this on my notes page on my phone whilst I was sleeping! When I woke up I noticed that Harry had my phone in his pocket so I asked him why and he said to look at your notes... And that's what I found! Plus they took about 100 photograph's of them both doing stupid poses, but there were a few where they were smiling. They had also set one of them two pouting as my screen saver! I didn't really mind, so I kept it as it was.

After about 3 hours on the coach we finally got to the airport... It took us so long because the coach ran out of petrol so we had to go to the nearest town to find a petrol station! But the nearest town was miles away from the motorway. The teachers told us that we had all slept through the whole journey but we knew we hadn't! We went through security and then we went to get something to eat from one of the shops...

Us ten went to costa coffee and Harry, Liam and Katie went to get the orders. I got a small hot chocolate and a chocolate brownie that I was sharing with Harry. Everyone else just got a drink. After that we still had some time left before we had to meet up with the rest of the class, so we decided to have a look around the shops. As we walked into a Spanish version of WHSmith, I noticed a crowd of people rushing and screaming down the small corridor. We all waited outside the shop to see what it was. 'OMG! OMFG!!' I screamed before running to join the colossal crowd of people...
Harry followed me and soon did the other girls as they noticed who it was...

It was josh Devin! Niall shouted Josh and he soon came to join us whilst the crowd of fans circled around us. 'I haven't seen you for ages! Are you alright?' Niall asked josh. 'I know, and yep but still getting used to having this lot around me where ever I go!' he replied. They hugged each other and then I embarrasses myself by saying 'omg josh I'm your biggest fan!' the other girls agreed with me and told him that they were too. He signed all our t-shirts and then said 'if your friends with Niall I can get you backstage passes to one of the concerts? I'm playing for the wanted, Conor Maynard and stooshe next weekend!' he asked. 'YESSSS!' I screamed before jumping up and down and hugging Harry. Josh laughed and told us he had to go before he missed his flight. We all said bye and waved excitedly. Josh was a drummer who played for pretty much every singer or band there is! Even though he'd gone, a few of the fans stayed with us and started asking us questions about josh but Niall just said 'he's my cousin...!' then we all ran into the shop.

'As if he's your cousin!' Katie screamed at Niall. 'yeah, you could have told us!!' added Abbie. 'well I didn't think you even knew who he was, sorry!' he replied and hugged us all.
When we had all calmed down we went to get some drinks and sweets for the journey home. We all got a bottle of water and a bag of haribo's because it was only €1 for them both. 'shit!' said Louis. 'what's up?' asked zayn.
'we've got 2 minutes to pay for these and get to the other side of the airport! Liam piled our stuff on the counter and took a euro off us all and payed. Then we ran around the airport trying to find the teachers. Eventually we found everyone and we were only 2 minutes late so the teachers didn't notice. They did a quick register and then we went to get on the plane.
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