Spanish Styles?

Spain... A warm, relaxing place and A great place to hang out with friends, right?
Wrong!!! When Abbi and her friends,Ella, Sophie, Abbie and Katie, visit during a school trip they're all expecting it to be a nice holiday but due to a crush on a certain someone, Abbi finds herself spending more time with him than her friends. Will this get in the way of their friendship? Read to find out...


10. Chapter 10

After 2 and a half hours in the town we had to go back to the hotel. We travelled back on the coach and then went back to our rooms. The teachers had said that we needed to get a lot of sleep tonight as we had to be up early for the flight home but we were allowed a quick snack and we could keep our lights on and talk for another 30minute. So when we all had our pj's on the boys came into our room and brought sweets! Harry came and sat next to me on my bed and gave me a hug. The rest of them sat on the mat which was on the floor and talked. Me and Harry sat next to each other and shared the sweets he had brought. Skittles, smarties and the sweets I had bought him that day. He knew skittles made me go hyper so I think that's why he brought them! I didn't stop talking then. He was laughing at me as he loved seeing me happy and hyper! When I had calmed down we laid down on my bed and Harry started singing quietly in my ear... It was lovely, as he had his arms around my waist as well. When he had finished I turned to face him and said I love you before kissing him. After that we joined the others on the floor. Zayn and Katie had finally got together and were laughing and holding hands! They kissed and I said aawww! They both laughed and smiled at me. Sophie and Niall were sat next to each other and it looked like Niall was trying to get back with her. Louis and Ella were kissing then Louis must have said something to her as she burst out laughing and was rolling on the floor! Abbie and Liam were just sat talking to each other and holding hands.
' so what are we all gonna talk about?' I questioned but no one replied as they were all too busy with their boyfriends. Harry looked at me and we sneaked in to the boys room..

We didn't do anything, just sat there talking, hugging, kissing, singing and dancing to the music on my phone. We Watched the inbetweeners movie again and we were doing the dance when the other boys walked in and laughed at us! They called the rest of the girls to come and see but we had stopped by then. I was laughing and so was Harry! They all joined in and we were just dancing to random songs and singing along! The rest of the girls said good night to the boys but I stayed in their room with harry. I sat on his knee and the 6 of us just talked for bit, then I kissed Harry, said night to them all and went to sleep in my room...

The next morning the teachers woke us all up at 5am! It took me about 15mins to fully wake up... But when I eventually did, I got washed and dressed and started to pack away the few things I left out. Katie said 'shall we knock on the door and see if the boys are ready?' 'yeah, I'll come with you!' I replied excitedly.
We tiptoed towards the boys door and knocked on it as loud as we could. Niall answered and we barged in. Harry was sat the with no top on! Zayn was still in bed, Liam was packing and Louis was brushing his teeth. I went and sat down next to Harry and Katie woke zayn up then kissed him. 'your so beautiful!' Harry whispered in my ear. I smiled and hugged him. I loved the way he'd call me beautiful even though I'd just got up and didn't have any make up on and how he made me feel special and happy! I kissed him on the cheek then he kissed me on my lips. I moved over so Harry could put his top on then I helped him pack whilst the other boys and Katie were tidying the room. Our room was already tidy. Niall started telling me about him and Sophie getting back together and I said 'aawww!' and hugged him. When the boys had packed all their stuff away, they came into our room for a bit. Me, Louis and Harry sat on my bed whilst Liam, Abbie, Katie and zayn sat on the floor and Ella, Sophie and Niall sat on Ella's bed which was opposite mine. Louis and Harry started tickling me and I ended up on the floor, laughing so much that my stomach hurt! Everyone was laughing at me and I couldn't get up. Harry bent down, put his arms round my waist and pulled me up. Louis saw a pigeon fly past the window and ran outside to go chase it. When he got up Ella sat in his place to talk to me and Harry, however Louis wasn't impressed by that and they both started having a tickle fight with each other so me and Harry went to join the others on the floor...
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