(one direction isnt famous in this story) Hi, my name is Sam. My bestfriend ever and i have wanted to go to this University in london since we knew about this place. As we get to the unviersity we saw this boys. Really cute ones too. and from there is where the sory starts.


7. the hang out

shhe looked at me i said. "fine ill gobut im not sitting anywhere near him." "YAYY!" " now let go before i change my mind." as i unlock the door and started to walk "you know we dont have to go unless i u want to... just kidding you have to go."

Baleigh's P.O.V

we started to walk and Sam had a depresse look on her face so i said "Cheer up dont want him to see the bad side of you do we now?" "i guess not ughh" we walk down our hall way tand finaly got to oys part of the dorns.

We kept walking and finally got to the lodge. I saw Liam and he gave me a big smille and patted to couch to sit next to him. So i did.

Sam's P.O.V

I really didnt want to go to see the boys. Wen we got therei saw Baleigh look at liam and Liam told herr sit next to him. So she did, witch left one spot.. Beside niall... i had no Choise now. great

Niall P.O.V

when i first saw Sam it was like love at first sight i didnt want to leave. When she walked in he room she looksooo beautiful with her lonng brown hair that trun blond at the tips with her brown eyethat almost match her hair she was soo beautiful. i told her to come and sit next to me and i started to blush so i looked away.

Sam's P.O.V

Niall told me to go sit next to him i had no choise now but when he did he look away. Did i make him fell bad. Maybe i should look more happy. So i put a big smile on my face.

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