(one direction isnt famous in this story) Hi, my name is Sam. My bestfriend ever and i have wanted to go to this University in london since we knew about this place. As we get to the unviersity we saw this boys. Really cute ones too. and from there is where the sory starts.


4. the day.

I woke the next mornig at around 8, i texted Baleih to see if she was up. i went to the bathroom and i took a showerbefore the big ride to london. i got changed in something lose andd confortable. soo some track pant and nice shirt it is. I wet to wake up my mom so she can get ready because we had another 2 hours before i had to go.

i woker her up i went up stairs to get my things and i started to pack my car. I wet infor one last time and my phone buzzed. i went to look at it and it was baleigh. she said 'coming over soon okai? just packing the carr right now' i repply saying' okai same see you soon :)'

my sister came down stairs with bed head sje went straight to the fridge to get milk for her cereal like every other day. i herd a hook out side i look outside and i see baleigh car running into my house all exicited.

i looked at the time and it was time to go i didnt want to miss my flight to london now. baleigh and I gave my sister a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and i yelled at my mom saying its time to go she came down the stairs almost crying. i huged for almost 5 mins we out to the car and we drove to the airport i went to get 2 carts for Baleigh and I we went trought security and into the waiting part. They called our flight and i stood up and gave my mom hug and we both started to cry. "i'm going to miss having you around the house." " i'm gonna miss the most tho mom i love you" i starrted to walk and she yelled out "Love you too pumkins!" i walk on the plan.

 I was trying to get my bag in the conpartment ontop of me but i coudnt get my balance at first but then i felt someone come behide me and held ym wais in place as i put it up i tuned around and all i saw was those blue eye. i knew themm from anywhere. He said "Your welcome, again love" i started to blush and i looked away and i h sat down in the row next to mine. it turns out thats he sit for the flight.

"where are you ladys going to?" he ask with his perfect irish accent. "To london, were moving there for a couple of years." i turned away and i looked at baleigh witch was already asleep. Danm that girl can sleep. i put my earphones in and i started to listen to musicand after a while i ended up falling asleep.

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