(one direction isnt famous in this story) Hi, my name is Sam. My bestfriend ever and i have wanted to go to this University in london since we knew about this place. As we get to the unviersity we saw this boys. Really cute ones too. and from there is where the sory starts.


2. believe it.

i took the suitcase and run upstairs with baleigh following me. I gave some close and fill the suit case but not everything fits do i gave baleigh hand and run down stair and take the key and give baeigh my phone and tell her " Heres my phonne. text my mom and tell her were out shoppi ng for something." "okay"

we got to walmart and i walk n the bin section and i look around and i found the bins that i want i thought i could reach but i could'nt. i jump on baleigh back but she didnt i was going to so we end falling. i hit my head but not hard enough for dammage but  have a head ache.

I see 2 different hands reach out and and i look up and i see one burn hair boy with brune eye and one blond with nice bleu eyes and irsh accent saying "Need help Loves?"i took the blonds on hand and saw "thanks." And he reply with " Anytime, I'm Niall and this is Liam. And you must be? "i stared into his bleu perfect eyes and baeigh say's "She means to Say that I'm Baleigh and thats Sam." "Oh yea oupss" i reply after baleigh. "Well We're in a rush so we have to go" i said as i took baleigh hand and pulled walking away.

I try to reach these bins agin. round 3. i go on my tipy toe and reach out but then i see another hand reach up take them down and i look over and smile. Its Niall agin. "Here you go," "thank you again" i smile and take the hair in my face and flip it back.

I took the bins and started to walk away i walk t the cashier and baleig say's "Someboby likeeeessss yoooouu" "what? no. we just met." i reply. "mhmmm, check the bin" i look in the bin and theres a paper i took it out and open it i say 'text me, 123456789' i started to blusha and baleigh  says "awwwwww youlikke him too" i looked her and punch her playfully in the arm and walk out of the store.

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