(one direction isnt famous in this story) Hi, my name is Sam. My bestfriend ever and i have wanted to go to this University in london since we knew about this place. As we get to the unviersity we saw this boys. Really cute ones too. and from there is where the sory starts.


3. awks :/

Baleigh and i walk in the house run up stairs baleigh take the number and she text the number and textes it. i gave her a angry playful smile/stare. i continue to pack and i was almost done and baleigh still didnt get any reply. all well it not like im going to see him anymore.

"baleigh? why dont you go home and pack your things and get a good ight sleep because were living tomorrow after moon." "Good idea. i'll text you later byeeee"

after she left th house i fell on bed and started thinking about school. I herd my phone buzz so i got up and look at it. Unknown number? i look at it and it says 'hey love, its me niall from Walmart. Balegh told me to text you' i lookd at it for a while and i smilled at it for the longest time thinking about his bleu eye and perfect hair hair. i came back to reality and i reply after a while i sad 'Oh hy how did you get my number?'

Almost instanly i got a reply 'Baleih gave me it remeber? and i gave you mine.. :/'

'Oh yea i bit tired, not thinkng strait... well i have to big day tomorrow ha byee'

'Bye love xx'

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