(one direction isnt famous in this story) Hi, my name is Sam. My bestfriend ever and i have wanted to go to this University in london since we knew about this place. As we get to the unviersity we saw this boys. Really cute ones too. and from there is where the sory starts.


1. the un-thinkable

"SAM! OH MY GOD YOU WONT BELIEVE IT!". I know that scream from anywhere. Baleigh. My bestfriend from like day 1. She has dark brown hair and bleu eyes. As i here foot step running up the stairs and up the hallway i go to open the door, but just before i could reach the door someone comes running in and pushes m to my bed. "I GOT A LETTER!!! did you get one?" Baleigh ask me. "Well i dont know im kinda pined to my bed!" i reply. "Oh hehe oupss forgot." "come on. Let walk up my drive to the mailbox". As we are walking to the mailbox at the end of my long drive way, i regret telling Baleigh to come with me. She wont shut about the letter she waited for me to get mine so we open them together.

I open the mailbox and i find a hole bunch of news paper and letter for my mom and sister. We're walking back to the house and im still looking for my letter. Found it. We run in the house and we run to my room. "Ready? 1..2..3.. OPEN!" i said opening my letter.

"Sam... i..." "Omg you di-" i said before getting cut off. "I GOT IN!! Did you? hurry up and open it!" Bleigh reply scaring me. i start to read my letter and i see thoe i word i wanted to see 'You got accepted Universitie of London' oh my god i got in. "I GOT IN!"

Baleigh and I start doing this happy dance thing that we do whenwere happy over something. I run down stair and Baleigh follow me. I run infront of the TV were my sister was watching TV and i start scream my head off. "go scream somewhere el-" my sister tryed saying before baleigh cut her off "Your sister and i got accepted to University Of London so be happy be very happy!" yes Baleigh treat my siser like her. "does that mean that i wont get to see alot!" "Yes." "THEN I'M SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU YAY!"

After telling my sister baleigh yells out "MOM! got your butt over here" and as my mom walk in the room me and baleigh act like something bad happen. She had a worryed face on her face. And then Bleigh yells out "WE OT IN" and she runs to us and give us a bi hug and she wont stop smilling.

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