Move Along

Nova has been an orphan ever since she could remember. A chance encounter with an enemy could put to test what she has learned. This enemy may be closer than before but has before ever been?


2. A Promise

I didn't move. A large Ravenian landed right in front of me and looked me down with icey eyes. I didn't cower I looked at the bird and sent back the same glare.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" The Ravenian boomed. I starighted my coiled back.

"I am Nova ex- ColdLander. And I am here because I was simply trying not to die." Though I would have loved too. He raised a feathery eyebrow. A low grumble began in his chest.

"Ex-ColdLander?" He growled.

"Yeah. Why do you care?" I said reproachfully. He stomped and an equaly large Ravenian stepped up beside him and they shared a few whispers as I stood there awkwardly.

"I am Gra'nile of Squall an alliance of the ColdLands" He countinued his dark glare. I was thinking wether to run or not. The Ravenians unsheathed long violet spears and thats when I snapped to a decision.

"The reward for your head is very large" Gra'nile laughed. I muttered a spell under my breath-the only one I knew- which summoned vines to rise from the nearest greenary. The bush beside me started shaking. As the vines began wrapping around the large legs of the birds. I jumped at Gra'nile and scratched his face with my sharp claws. He yelled for his warriors to get me but I was already running like a bat out of hell. The warriors tried flying out of my traps but were just pulled back in tighter.

When I felt safe I stopped and collapsed to the ground. There was nowhere safe for me. Anywhere. I stood up and looked around. The moon was a cresent. I wanted to cry there was no home waiting for me. No one to love me.

want to know why i'm an Orphan and a loner? My parents were killed by some mysterious clan and I accidently killed a member of the pride. He was egging me on and finnaly i got pissed off and ripped him to pieces so I guess it wasn't really an accident.

I walked solmly to a nearby tree and jumped into the branches. I looked at the stars.

"Brigon you said you'd find me after the war" I muttered to myself and let a tear fall to the sandy ground. Brigon was my older brother and he went off to war and said:

"If the world gets torn apart I will find you then we can find everyone else alright?" I cried harder thinking of the words. I never found him four years later. For all I knew he could be dead. I wouldn't stop hoping to see him off in the distance one of these days. It could happen.


"Nova!" I whipped around at the voice. I saw my brothers white fur and mane against the sun.

"You found me!" I said choking on my tears.

"I told you I would." he said

"But it took four years!"

"Sometimes you have to wait for good things to happen." he said with wisdom.

"So since i'm on the run something good will happen?" I muttered.

"Why not?" he smiled showing the fangs that had taken the lives of enemies. "Now wake up you need to be on alert."

"Wake up? Wha-"

I jumped awake.

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