Move Along

Nova has been an orphan ever since she could remember. A chance encounter with an enemy could put to test what she has learned. This enemy may be closer than before but has before ever been?


1. All Hell Breaks Loose

All I had to do was keep running and stay away from these jerks. They ground thundered and swelled beneath my back paws. Lightning cracked across the sky and sent chills up my spine. I felt a huge thud behind me and I turned my head slightly to see what had happened. One of the gollums that was following me had fell to the ground with Electrical Magix sparks popping from everywhere around it's demonic body. The other two that were following me tripped and crashed to the ground beside the other one. I smirked with confidence, the earth was on my side today.

I found an old Corkel snakes den. The smell would definetly mask mine. I crouched in the low den but soon the horrid smell got to me and I had to find out what was causing it. The darkness swallowed me up but my eyes soon adjusted. As I snuck further in I realized I shouldn't be in here. I turned tail and raced out at I felt the intense heat searing my tail. I ran as fast as I could. I didn't know that Lava Corkel's still exsisted. I thought my old leader Krigal, had killed the last one. Let me explain why I have terror coursing through my body.

The Lava Corkels are huge snake like things with the head of a crocidile and the body of a Knuker and spits lava and has the smell of burnt corpses. And runs-slithers faster than 150mph. Thanks to my magical kind I can just barely out run it. Now imagine that right on your heels.

Petrifing right?

It shrieked with a earsplittering sizzling noise and a lava ball landed right next to my paw and another one a few tail lenghths in front of me. I slid to a stop and turned hard to the left. The beast screamed again but this time in pain. I turned and saw the Corkel tensed in a tight seething circle.

"Ha" I laughed "Can't stand your own attack huh," I trotted away and left the Corkel to die. I tried my hardest not to be too cocky. As I got more relaxed I was able to let the fur on my back lie down. and take in my surroundings. Then I froze as I saw off in the distance the pack of Raven warriors.

"Shit, why can't I relax for once." I mumbled to myself feeling like I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry to death it would be better no matter where I went from there. I had to do what I could to survive. That short time I was thinking I was spotted by the Ravenians. Great.

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