My London Love

Kristen and Ashley move to London for college. They move into an amazing apartment. They end up meeting the guys from One Direction. They all become rather close with each other as well. Will they find their happily ever after? Or do all good things come to an end?


8. Phone Call

I started to dose off when my phone started to ring. "Hello?" "Hi Kristen, it's Liam. What are you up to?" "Oh nothing really, just sitting here watching a movie." "Oh, well I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go out tonight?" "Of course, I'd love to!" "Alright, well I'll be at your place at 8, sound good? Oh and which one is yours again?" "5D." "Cool, I'll see you at 8." "Alright, goodbye."

I could feel Ashley staring at me as I walked to my bedroom to get ready. "Are you going out with him tonight?" she yelled from the living room. "Maybe..." "What time is he coming?" "8."  "I would hurry then, it's 7:45."

I hurried up and re-braided my hair and put on some more makeup. I decided to wear a pair of my miss me jeans and a new sweater. I had to admit for only having 15 minutes to get ready, I didn't look to shabby. I was digging through my suitcases trying to find my vans when someone knocked on the door. I put on both shoes and ran to the door.

My heart was racing. I opened the door and there was Liam. He looked amazing, as always. "You look amazing." Liam said to me. I blushed. "You do too."

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